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We are delighted to bring you another exciting new tour of Japan for 2022, in association with the Central Japan Tourism Association. Entitled ‘National Treasures and World Heritage’, this 12-day tour blends the immaculate sandy beaches of Japan’s tropical southern islands with high culture in its historic heartlands, all at the wheel of a Covid-safe private rental car.


ISLANDS IN THE SUNIshigaki is that kind of tropical island you only ever see in the movies. Tucked away in Japan’s southernmost island group, it’s a sanctuary of pristine white beaches and azure-blue waters. And while it might be a hidden paradise to the wider world, it’s well known as a gorgeous holiday destination for the Japanese. Ishigaki is bursting with marine life, perfect for snorkelers, divers and boaters of all skill levels – as well as folks who just want to laze the day away out on the endless sands.


STEP THROUGH HISTORYReturning to Japan’s main island, the next leg of this epic tour takes you all around Chubu, Japan’s beautiful central heartlands. Chubu is the backdrop of so much of this ancient nation’s rich history. You’ll explore picture-perfect towns, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and buildings of national importance, including some 250-year-old working farmhouses built like monks’ hands in prayer, and the so-called Crow Castle – one of the best-preserved fortresses in all Japan.


TRADITIONAL CRAFTS AND HERITAGEChubu is very well known for its traditional craftsmanship, and this tour explores its centuries as a centre for master artisans. You’ll learn the age-old arts of sake-brewing, sand-casting metal, and sword-making, with demonstrations from experts whose skills have been passed down through many generations. You might even start to feel your inner samurai soul…


EXQUISITE SAKESake is a Japanese national obsession – crisp, refreshing rice wine that’s brewed a little like beer, with incredible variations in flavour. You’ll learn all about the painstaking process of making high-quality sake, seeing everything from the sake masters select and polish the rice grains, all the way up to how the finished product is bottled. And – of course – you’ll get to taste more than a little sake for yourself, or perhaps even take some home with you.  And that’s just a taste of what’s to come.

Source: Central Japan Tourism Association