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Forum d’Ideias PCO & DMC achieves Travelife Partner level

Forum d’Ideias PCO & DMC achieves Travelife Partner level

Forum d’Ideias PCO & DMC achieves Travelife Partner level

Forum d’Ideias PCO & DMC achieves Travelife Partner level

Forum d´Ideias, our esteemed partner, has been honored with the esteemed Travelife Partner level award in recognition of their exceptional dedication to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The attainment of the Travelife Partner level award underscores their ongoing and steadfast endeavors to champion sustainable principles across their operational landscape.

Forum d´Ideias is in compliance with a comprehensive set of over 100 criteria, spanning an array of aspects including office management, service offerings, affiliations with business partners, and provision of customer information.

Aligned with the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility principles, the Travelife Partner level standard encompasses pivotal themes such as environmental stewardship, biodiversity conservation, upholding human rights, and nurturing labor relations.

This notable achievement is the fruit of their active participation in the EU-funded SUSTOUR initiative, operational from 2020 to 2023. The project’s overarching goal is to foster sustainability within the European tour operator sphere through a business-centric methodology. This transformative project lends support to more than 600 small and medium-sized enterprises spanning 35 European nations, facilitating the enhancement of their sustainability performance through targeted training, personalized coaching, and the exchange of insights among peers.

Mr. Naut Kusters, the director of Travelife for Tour Operators, enthusiastically lauds the burgeoning momentum of sustainable practices within the tour operator domain. He commends Forum d´Ideias for their exceptional strides and expresses optimism that their Partner award will serve as an inspiration for enterprises across Europe to chart a similar trajectory towards sustainability and CSR.

Travelife, the eminent international sustainability certification within the travel sector, garners extensive backing from over 35 national travel associations, including esteemed entities like SMAL, APAVT, UHPA, ANVR, ABTA, and PATA. These associations ardently champion the Travelife framework among their members, catalyzing a broader adoption of sustainable practices within the travel and events industry and facilitating a greener, more conscientious future.

The attainment of the Travelife Partner level award by Forum d’Ideias marks a remarkable milestone, emblematic of their unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical business conduct, and their instrumental role in driving positive transformation within the events industry.

To learn more about our esteemed partner, Forum d´Ideias, please visit DMCFinder

Author: Deb Davad