Zanzibar: What Makes It Special

Zanzibar. Also known as Unguja in Swahili, captures the heart of even the most cynical traveler. Despite being a small island – only about 600 square miles or so, there is few places on Earth that can offer the beauty of nature the way Zanzibar does.


This tropical island in the Indian Ocean is renowned for its azure beaches, powder-soft sand, breath-taking diving spots, stunning nature and rich spice culture. However – if fun in the sun isn’t what you are into, lesser known is the centuries-old and well-preserved historic center; Stone Town.


Within the maze of alleyways, you will see African, Arabian, Indian and European influences. Elaborately decorated teak-wood doors will let you feel a flair for the past. The Old Fort; which is also the oldest building in Stone Town will inspire curiosity, the Sultan’s Palace, located right along the beach front that holds secrets long forgotten.


Also known as the spice island due to its production of a large array of spices, Zanzibar is quickly becoming a culinary hot spot with the local food having influences from 4 cultures combined.


Due to its vast beauty, over the past decade Zanzibar has also become a popular wedding destination.


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Author: Deb Davad


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