Vasari Corridor reopens for Autumn 2022

After six years closed, the Vasari Corridor will finally reopen to the public in autumn 2022. The exact date is not confirmed yet, but from September we can expect to be able to visit again the long and beautiful corridor that conserves an important part of the Florentine history.


As we already told you here the about one kilometer corridor was built to allow the Grand Dukes of Medici to move safely from their private residence in Palazzo Pitti to the seat of government in Palazzo Vecchio. Cosimo I entrusted the project to Giorgio Vasari, who succeeded in the truly titanic undertaking of completing it in just six months, illuminating it with a sequence of views over the city (72 windows in all) that allowed the Dukes to capture its beauty and have a view from above of what was happening in town.


“The Vasari corridor is a path that connects three buildings in the heart of the city of Florence. It was built on the occasion of the marriage of his eldest son Francesco I with the daughter of the Emperor of Austria in 1565. It was opened with the intention of offering a safe passage to family members, a “runner” large and bright”, says Lucia Montuschi, founder and director of Exclusive Connection Tours.


Since 1973, the Vasari Corridor opened only on special occasions and with prohibitive visiting prices. “It was Prof. Berti, in the 1970s, who dedicated the spaces to the famous collection of self-portraits which until 2016 was exhibited inside together with works from the 17th century in Florence, Rome and Naples”, explains Lucia. “The corridor was closed in 2016 for a restructuring requested by the institutions aimed at guaranteeing new air conditioning, emergency exits and conservation of the works according to standard air conditioning.”


Many of the windows that had been bricked up have been reopened, taking away the post-war “decoration”. According to the director of the Uffizi Galleries Eike Schmidt, the paintings that used to decorate the corridor from the 17th century will be rearranged in 14 rooms in the main body of the Uffizi and which will be part of the visit. In their place ancient works and epigraphs will be set, as it was in the use of the time.


There will also be photographic and educational panels to allow the visitor to reconstruct the history of these environments, the events inside and allow a panoramic view of the Ponte Vecchio and the interior of the Church of Santa Felicita through two unique windows.


Lucia affirms that Exclusive Connection was created to offer the Vasari tour. “The company name was designed for this, an exclusive connection for our customers, therefore private and special tours for families and groups and especially for special events”, says.


If you would like to be part of this new chapter of the Vasari Corridor, book your visit with Exclusive Connection: for information and reservations contact our Concierge.


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Author: Deb Davad

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