Trend: Digital Nomads?

By combining business with pleasure, today’s workforce created the ultimate lifestyle which suits their needs perfectly. This generation figured out that they can actually make a career for themselves while visiting their dream destinations. With a tablet or smartphone in one hand and a camera in another, travellers are now able to make a living while living their travel dreams. These people are called digital nomads.

Digital nomads are workers who work remotely and travel to different places. Most often, they can be found in co-working spaces or coffee shops with WiFi, doing their work or checking their business.

For travel enthusiasts, being a digital nomad poses several benefits which include productivity, creativity, adaptability, and lifelong friendships. 

For travel operators and destination management companies, digital nomads are the perfect target market. Not only do digital nomads represent value for local communities through consumption of goods and services, they also support the industry as travel and lifestyle influencers–capturing the attention of more travel-thirsty travelers to follow the same lifestyle.

For an operator to penetrate and attract digital nomads, one should know what this community is looking for. Apparently, the main drivers of digital nomadism are cheap travel, freelance work and the gig economy, and the rise of the collaborative or sharing economy. 

At the moment, these digital nomads seem to be one of the biggest markets for tourism recovery. 


Author: Deb Davad


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