Traverse Tanzania with Oluokos Signature


Apart from its pristine beaches and quaint islands, Tanzania is renowned for its access to unlimited wildlife experiences. Tanzania is perfect for combining the best of African wildlife with the stunning beaches off the coast, or even the beaches of Spice Island, Zanzibar. 


Tanzania has a dozen UNESCO heritage sites, enhancing the kaleidoscopic diversity of the region, making it an all-year round incentive travel choice for new or even seasoned travelers. 


Whether this is your first taste of Tanzania or an uncountable journey back, Oluokos weaves each experience uniquely so that no two safari experiences are alike. 


Oluokos offers you the absolute freedom to relish your own memory and leave flexibility in your itinerary to flow with an African rhythm. 


A Kenyan company, Oluokos Signature is a sustainable and specialist holiday outfitter with a focus on nature, conservation, and communities creating signature experiences that put our guests in the right place at the right time all year round in Eastern and Central Africa.


Oluokos Signature offers bookings, point-to-point road transfer, advice on hotels, resorts, luxury camps, flights, vacation homestay, incentive travel, honeymoon packages, travel packages for individuals, families, small and big groups, and lots more.


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Author: Deb Davad

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