Travel Together In 2022 And Beyond with Volubus

As the world continues the travel resurgence, opening of borders and less gathering restrictions since COVID, there has never been a better time to travel and get together. Volubus aim to facilitate more experiences with your friends and family both at home and abroad.


The 2022/23 ski season in Europe is on the horizon with high hopes for a bigger and better winter travel season than last year. The event season is upon us and both business and leisure travel continue to surge post summer.


Travel by bus with Volubus in your home country or abroad and bring back shared experiences for day or multi-day trips, whilst exploring new experiences and opportunities. Visit to discover our active locations where we can make travelling together by private bus charter simpler and smarter. Choose your next experience and destination and enjoy the journey, wherever it takes you.


Why Volubus?

Volubus helps you focus on what drives your travel, the experience, together. Powered by technology, they aim to simplify your access to group travel options. By lowering the barriers to reliable group transport by bus, they optimise domestic and international travel experiences.


Author: Deb Davad


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