Travel industry joins Earth Day

Travelport has released a trend report regarding the state of sustainability in the travel industry to join the world in celebrating the Earth Day. Travelport, together with partners Virgin Atlantic and Trainline, highlights the industry’s current initiatives with a focus on creating a greener industry for the future generations


Per Jason Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer – Travel Partners at Travelport, being an environmentalist should not be regarded as a competitive advantage, but rather a character that the entire industry should embrace and possess. He also adds the importance of helping customers understand sustainable ways of living in order to create a better and greener future.


In the report released, certain destinations were highlighted. These destinations are viewed as environmentally friendly and are gaining popularity with tourists. Trend data released from Travelport highlights how the following destinations have become more popular with travelers when compared to their 2019 rankings by booking volume.


In the list are Norway, Denmark, Ecuador, Iceland, and Costa Rica. 


The role of aviation in sustainability is also presented in the said report.


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Author: Deb Davad

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