Travel and Events Industry Trends 2022



As the world slowly recovers from the nightmares caused by Covid, the events and travel industry is also making a steady and slow return.


The virus is still around, that’s for sure, and it is close to impossible to totally eradicate it. However, as officials and large organizations are moving away from some restrictions and requirements implemented earlier in the crisis, certain trends emerged and the industry has no choice but to adapt.


1. Selective international travel’s return
For the past two years, international travel was the most affected by potential of COVID-19 outbreaks, and stringent or simply unpredictable entry/exit regulations. Expectations for its return remain conservative in 2022.


2. Shift to work-from-home
The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a huge and rapid shift from office-based to home-based work. Remote work has presented a challenge to the return of business travel, particularly on in-person sales visits and client project work.


3. Sustainability demands
Companies will soon be urged to prioritize sustainability initiatives and cost imperatives. Environmental priorities are poised to place a ceiling on corporate travel’s comeback.


4. More non-hotel lodging
While hotels will continue to do their best to provide stellar service as corporate travel increases, a new challenge emerges when it comes to lodging. Travelers seek distancing from others and more space for families and workstations. Hence, homes and apartments will create increased interest among corporate travelers especially for those planning to continue staying in rentals after the pandemic.


5. Challenging conferences and events
Live events play a substantial role in the industry. While travel managers seek high value on the networking that takes place at live events, many measures of short-term plans to spend on meetings and events indicate the industry will not quickly bounce back to its pre-pandemic size. More constructive events are prioritized and the number of attendees will be closely monitored. Event cancellations are also rampant.


The list of things to know about our industry is endless especially during these uncertain times. DMCFinder will continue to keep you updated with the latest trends as we all venture towards industry return.


Author: Deb Davad

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