Travel and Events Industry Trends 2022

The global pandemic has changed how things are. A ‘new normal’ has been adopted to make sure that the health and welfare of everyone is still prioritized. The events and travel  industries are no exception to this ‘new normal’. In fact, these industries are two of the most affected ones with the global changes.

Despite the emerging COVID variants, travel experts still believe the events industry is raring to come back bigger and better than ever–of course, taking into account the safety of travelers and guests. Today, we feature the 7 events industry trends for the year 2022:

  1. Hybrid events will continue to grow in popularity and technology will evolve

Hybrid events combine live and virtual elements, and bring with them a whole host of benefits, including increased reach, enhanced ROI and, potentially, a lower carbon footprint too. To keep up with the demand of hybrid events, agencies will need to keep evolving and stepping up their offering to respond to the changing demands of attendees and clients.

  1. The way we work will continue to change for the better

There has been a huge shift this year on attitudes towards employee wellbeing. Mental health and employee wellness will continue to be much more widely acknowledged, particularly in stressful industries like events, and companies will need to continuously improve in order to attract and retain the best industry talent.

  1. Virtual events will become smaller and more frequent

Virtual will continue to thrive due to the emergence of hybrid events.

  1. Live events will become more meaningful

With the ever-present threat of Coronavirus lingering in the back of our minds, delegates weigh up the pros and cons of attending in-person much more than they did before, especially when they can simply attend digitally. Quality of content will need to continue improving and will need to shift focus. 

  1. Health and safety will have a new lease of life

The way we think about health and safety, and hygiene for that matter, has changed so much that a strong risk assessment and contingency plan has become a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have.

  1. We will always have a backup plan

Whilst the uncertainty has been stressful, we believe it has moulded us all into better planners. We have had to stay on top of the curve and make calculated decisions on what’s going to be best for business, best for our events, and of course best for our attendees.

  1. We’ll take a leap forward for sustainability

The events industry is traditionally incredibly wasteful: endless single-use plastic, catering waste, single-use signage, free merchandise that has a first-class ticket to landfill… the list goes on. However, this year it seems that, more than ever, event planners are reigniting a passionate desire to create more sustainable events.




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