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Swimming with wolves, whale watching, walking among penguins, surrendering to the skeletons of the first inhabitants of the earth, and knowing the history of those who followed them are possible here in Puerto Madryn & Península Valdés where discovering the fauna, living nature, and not limiting the capacity of astonishment are the three necessary commandments to enjoy it.


Walking through the penguin colony trails is to meet these curious birds where their elegant but loquacious walk does not disturb the tranquility of their habitat. We propose three penguin colonies: San Lorenzo, Punta Tomo, and El Pedral where, besides knowing their behavior, we invite you to an intimate encounter where getting to know them will be just the beginning.


To admire the giants of the South is one of those sensations that cannot be explained, it is not to understand how the 40 tons of their body far from frightening us makes us fall in love, it is to observe dances, pirouettes, jumps without sense but that in our retina is perceived as the most synchronized choreography, and it is to find in the callosities of their skin, a trace of time, a mark of nature but above all it is amazement, it is submission, it is surrendering to nature in the first person.


If you are looking for tranquility and nature, you have come to the right place. The region offers alternatives where each estancia or lodge is part of a unique setting, surrounded by endless beaches, high cliffs, and wildlife in their natural habitat. Whether in El Pedral or Rincón Chico, walking at sunset, enjoying a moment of reading or a dinner in a family atmosphere will not be the same as elsewhere because here is to be part of a magical place where the sensations are as unique as the fauna that surrounds it.


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Author: Deb Davad

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