Top 5 Places to Visit in Mexico, 2023

Deciding where to travel in Mexico can be overwhelming with so many incredible cities and towns in the country waiting for you.


Mexico has something for everyone. You’ll find beach towns, cultural capitals, and natural wonders galore.


Here are the best places to visit in Mexico:


  1. Cancun


Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a party experience, Cancun has what you need. Cancun is a top Mexico travel destination because it’s a place many can enjoy with its all-inclusive resorts and hostel options.


  1. Mexico City


There are so many things to do in Mexico City, including a visit to Parque Chapultepec (Chapultepec Park), one of the largest urban parks in the world, which has the only castle in North America! The city offers culinary delights in its upscale restaurants and famous street food tacos. It’s also the gateway to the rest of Mexico.


  1. San Juan Teotihuacan (The Pyramids)


Teotihuacan is a massive archeological complex left over from pre-Hispanic civilization, built thousands of years ago by the mysterious Teotihuacanos. It includes the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.


  1. The Magical Towns (Pueblos Magicos)


These magical towns are scattered around Mexico. These picturesque villages are distinct with their enchanted feels, relaxing vibe, and lovely architecture.


  1. Oaxaca


Oaxaca City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the capital of Oaxaca State. It is a quiet city with plenty of appealing bars, restaurants, and lively markets. The city hosts some of the country’s most colorful, fun and culturally-rich festivals.


Mexico is a huge country, and there is so much more to visit than the ones listed above. Take in the sights, sounds, and delicious tastes of Mexico’s best places on your next incentive trip. 

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Author: Deb Davad

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