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A visit to Brazil means the discovery of a place touched with warm tropical sun and 5000 miles of white-sand beaches. From north to south, unique attractions are ready to amaze and excite participants from all walks of life that are interested in learning about new, different and fascinating destinations. Given Brazil’s impressive fit for memorable events, what are other trends to watch out for in planning and organizing MICE in Brazil?


DMCFinder and BE Brazil Travel Partners compile the top 5 MICE industry trends in Brazil.


1. Sustainability
The MICE industry, in Brazil and in other corners of the world, is leaning towards preserving our life and our future. Although hosting environmental-friendly events isn’t an entirely new trend, it’s just getting more attention these days. Some ways to incorporate sustainability in events include serving vegetarian and organic food, paperless booking system, hosting events in venues with LEED certification, among others.


2. Personalization
Attendees now prefer personalized and tailor-made events. It is vital that event planners understand what people want to tailor aspects of the event to suit the guests. Personalized events also tend to be more memorable for attendees as they are able to engage more. It is important to take note not to cross the marketing line that is too personal and invasive.


3. Feel Local
MICE attendees in Brazil are seen to enjoy the peculiar and authentic carioca lifestyle. Carioca means being born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and it’s a way of life.


4. Virtual Attendance
The global pandemic has opened the doors for virtual events. Technology allows speakers and attendees to attend events without having to be there in person. Digital attendance is a trend, not only in Brazil but around the world.


5. Social Media
Brazil isn’t one of those countries that are immediately considered for meetings, conferences, and other events. However, social media has changed the game. Social media is essential for events because it drives interaction and engagement. Social media introduced the beauty of Brazil to event planners, speakers, and attendees around the globe.


There are still a lot of MICE trends not mentioned and they are up for you to discover them all. Regardless, whatever event you are planning for in Brazil, make sure to plan it with the experts in the field. May it be for leisure, incentive, or meetings, trust BeBrazil DMC. The group is driven to listening to your needs and objectives and with their know-how and destination expertise, they develop any meeting or event.


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Author: Deb Davad

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