Top 10 things to do for an incentive group in Cambodia (Asia Bespoke Cambodia)

Jam-packed with culture and rich history, Cambodia is one of the many countries yet to be totally explored and discovered. An incentive trip to Cambodia is guaranteed to give guests a distinct opportunity to explore beyond the typical tour activities and capture lifelong memories of an authentic adventure. Whether you’re traveling for an incentive trip, a conference, or other events, Cambodia is a destination worth considering.

DMCFinder and Asia Bespoke Tours features top 10 things for an incentive group to do and explore in Cambodia as suggested by travel bloggers and experts:

  1. Go on a cruise to spot dolphins while enjoying the sunset.

Mekong offers travelers one of the most exciting experiences–cruising! Sailing from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap on a traditional Cambodian boat is one of the most enriching and fun things to do in Cambodia.

  1. Witness the Khmer Performance of Apsara Dance.


The traditional Khmer performance or the Apsara Show is one of the best things to do in Cambodia, especially for the lovers of art, theatrics, and dance.The dance revolves around a storyline narrated through attractive, flexible movements of the performers and their colourful, eye-catching attire.



  1. Explore Ta Prohm–The Temple of ‘Tomb Raider’.

Ta Prohm is the only structure in Angkor that has been left in its primitive form. With its huge silk cotton trees and strangler figs, this ‘Tomb Raider’ is perhaps the most picturesque place in Cambodia.

  1. Explore the opulent architecture of the Phnom Penh Palace.

This glistening palace in Phnom Penh serves as an important reminder of the blood-stained history of Cambodia. The elegant structure is characterized by its crown of stupas and towering spires, the handsome Silver Pagoda sitting adjacent to it, manicured tropical gardens, and the tranquility that prevails inside its high-rise walls.

  1. Explore the world’s largest temple–Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat is probably the attraction that drives the majority of the world’s travelers to Cambodia. This UNESCO World Heritage, with its unparalleled and immaculate facade that stood the test of time, is a dedication to Lord Vishnu.

  1. Engage with the wild

Cambodia is also a home to various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries–housing some of the rarest species of the world’s flora and fauna. Cambodia’s national parks are perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers.

  1. Swim with the elephants

Playing and swimming with the elephants is a unique and crazy activity to do with your incentive group! The Elephant Valley Project at Mondulkiri is a group of dedicated, passionate individuals whose work is directed towards care and conservation of abandoned, injured, overworked, and orphaned elephants.

  1. Dive and explore the world underneath Sihanoukville

If you are amazed with Cambodia’s beauty on its surface, you’ll be more stunned by its wonders underneath. The diving sites in Sihanoukville are blessed with crystal clear water, favourable water temperature, colourful corals, and a diverse range of marine life.

  1. Watch the stories of the past at the Cambodian Circus Show

This is a perfect experience for groups that love performance art and entertainment. Considered to be one of the best things in Siem, the show is imbued with a variety of exciting dance, music, art and circus performances. The show is based on historical and folk stories.

  1. Meditate at Siem Reap 

Meditation relaxes one’s mind. Meditating at Siem Reap is bound to give you a relaxing and tranquil time. Apparently, your trip to Cambodia won’t be complete without a relaxing treat for your body and soul.

The list of things to do in Cambodia is endless, and they are for you and your group to discover. 

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Author: Deb Davad



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