Tokyo invites you to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022

As Japan and Tokyo recover from the effects of the past two COVID years, they are beginning to take steps towards reopening to some of the many tourists who have been waiting to visit.


The return of tourism to Tokyo will be a gradual process but it has now begun and the country will surely continue to welcome increasing numbers of visitors in the weeks and months ahead.


Tokyo Tourism is very excited to be one of the exhibitors at this summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival.


Tokyo is a dynamic city where long-standing traditions intersect with ever-changing areas and trailblazing culture. Be it food, art, culture, entertainment, architecture, or nature, you will discover countless ways to enjoy this timeless city and put them into your trip plans.


Tokyo can’t wait to welcome everyone back to Japan’s exciting capital as the country opens back up to tourism, and the booth at HYPER JAPAN will be giving out plenty of information and advice throughout the weekend to everyone who’s interested in visiting.


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Author: Deb Davad

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