The Platinum Services invites you to Puglia

Puglia, with The Platinum Services Dmc Italy and Events, is a region that can be discovered at all levels and where tradition and contemporaneity are intertwined.


The region offers beautiful locations with stunning romantic scenarios for gala dinners, product launches or corporate events: maybe the most famous is the Trulli in Alberobello.


They stand in rows like little white beehives reaching towards azure skies, with pinnacles or crosses and strange stone markers that are said to have magical significance.


Choosing Puglia as an incentive destination is perfect for many reasons.


How not to immerse yourself in a walk in the narrow streets of Bari Vecchia? Where still today do you find the ladies who cook in the alleys or prepare orecchiette?


It is a sight to see them! But not only that, what about the magic of Castel del Monte? Or the charm of Trani, the point from where the Templars left to reach Jerusalem? A team-building day dedicated to a classic cooking class or something different: learning how to make bread.


Plus points

Everything, from the hotels to working with the most qualified and extensive suppliers on the market, has been carefully selected and checked after the pandemic to enhance your stay and ensure that you take home the best experiences that will last a lifetime.


Start planning your journey with The Platinum Services and learn how to make the best pictures.


Why The Platinum Services?

The Platinum Services provides memorable moments, from an exclusive-themed event up to a tailored group. With a passionate team, they manage all aspects of your travel in a unique and personalized way.


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Author: Deb Davad


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