The Metaverse: What’s in it for Event Planners?

DMCFinder has recently posted about trends in the events industry, and that includes virtual and hybrid events to remain in demand. Despite the reopening of international borders and industries getting closer to returning to a more regular way of life, in-person events may return but the future still favors virtual and hybrid events.

Since such hybrid events are becoming more normal than just a one-time trend, keeping attendees engaged during every event will demand new techniques and features. It is vital that event planners and organizers keep an eye on new technologies that are arising and the multiple forms in which they are used in combination. One example is the metaverse.

What is metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual universe, a spatial computing platform that provides digital experiences as an alternative to or a replica of the real world. It combines different parts of digital technologies such as video conferencing, virtual reality, networking, and live streaming.

The metaverse allows people to have real-time interactions and experiences across large distances. It aims to take people beyond the screen and into virtual worlds. Experts view this as the future of human communication and engagement.

How can the metaverse help event planners?

  1. It offers unlimited space for ideas–a more convenient access to a global attendee diaspora. With the metaverse, there is no hard limit on the number of people who can get involved.
  1. It provides an opportunity to improve attendee engagement. The metaverse helps remove the remoteness from remote work. The metaverse offers practically unlimited ways for participants to come in their own virtual identities through personalized avatars. It’s fun and creative.
  1. In the Metaverse, one can create personalized virtual spaces of their choice and convenience to make a greater impact. One example is a business participating in a major virtual event by setting up a virtual booth that attendees can walk up to in the virtual world, similar to that of a physical event.
  1. Event planners can build communities and networks around a central idea, with Metaverse elements boosting the experience. This results in more dynamic and connected workplaces, along with an increased ability for self-expression and creativity.
  1. The Metaverse provides a platform to create an exclusive economy for events alone, allowing it to evolve as developing event models.

To sum it all up, the metaverse is a major step up from the virtual and hybrid events that we’ve all become accustomed to over the pandemic. The metaverse might just turn out to be the next best thing.

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Author: Deb Davad

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