Splendid Summer in Switzerland

Did you know that camping on Lake Maggiore can give you that Caribbean feeling? Or that you can float across the Alps in a hot air balloon this summer? Not to mention a host of horse riding, hiking and biking activities and the vibrant atmosphere of Switzerland’s cities. As you can see, the Swiss summer has really gone all out this year and is just waiting to be discovered.


Spend the night in a tree house or cycle along ancient Roman routes… if things get too hot in the sun, no problem: there are plenty of lakes and beer gardens where you can cool down.


Glacier lakes and rocky gorges, waterfalls and forests, flower gardens and magical mountains: as UNESCO will tell you, the landscape of Switzerland is more varied than almost any other place on earth.


A snooze in a deck chair? What a waste of time in an outdoor paradise like Switzerland. From biking and climbing to stand up paddle boarding and river rafting, there’s plenty for active souls to do here. The deck chair can wait.


When the days are longest and the sunsets are at their most photogenic, there’s plenty to experience in Switzerland: hiking routes meet world heritage sites and family resorts meet idyllic holiday destinations.


Gaze up at the starry sky from your double bed, be rocked to sleep by the gentle lapping of the waves on Lake Thun or wake to views of the Eiger north face: spend the night in places this summer that are almost too good to sleep through.


Sparkling lakes, magical views. Treat yourself to a cruise on Switzerland’s most beautiful waters and indulge your taste buds with culinary delights. If you hold a Swiss Travel Pass, there is no extra charge.


Author: Deb Davad

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