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The Way of the Samurai was born amid the recurring battles of the Sengoku Period, known as the Age of Warring States (1467-1603). Samurais believed in maintaining one’s dignity, while also respecting the dignity of others, even during a fierce battle.


When a peaceful era without conflict came, this way of thinking became known as bushido and was spread around by Inazo Nitobe.


The way of bushido has been passed down to this very day.


If you want to find a place where it is possible to feel the samurai spirit, you should head to northern Japan, to a castle town called Aizu-Wakamatsu. The essence of the way of the samurai is still very alive in this place.


Bushido is not about fighting.
Bushido is not about competing.
Bushido is not only about skills.


Bushido is respect for the existence of human life and the dignity of people. This is a teaching that the people who fought for their lives in the Warring States Period cherished.


This “way of the mind” many samurais acquired during life is still passed on here, in the land of Aizu.



Samurai Spirit Tourism, a project initiated by Fukushima Prefectural Government, was started to share information about the fascinating samurai history of many places in Fukushima. The history of many of these places is deeply entwined with that of the Meiji


The ‘Boshin War’, as it is referred to in Fukushima Prefecture, symbolised the end of the age of the samurai. As well as exploring the history of Fukushima, this page also highlights a variety of samurai-related experiences, including Japanese archery and kendo,
that visitors can try out firsthand.


In Fukushima, there are tours where you can learn about The Last Samurai and other tours that teach you how to become a samurai. You’ll learn about the martial arts that samurai would use in battle and experience the kendo-like swordsmanship they employed.


More importantly, you will also be taught the cultural aspect of being a samurai; the culture they developed and the techniques they used. Let’s become samurais together!


Bushido Experience

1) “Nisshinkan” Samurai Education Experience

The renowned Aizu Clan samurais were respected and called the samurais of the samurais. Nisshinkan is where these legendary samurais went to be educated with the highest standards. This experience tour allows you to join the school for a day. Learn the samurai
spirit and receive education from the school. You will receive a Samurai Basic Course graduation certificate after completing the programme.


2) Samurai Kendo Experience

Butokuden is known as the holy ground of Aizu martial arts. This programme considers your heart, skills, and body as one thing. By training them, you will develop your character (personality), deepen your understanding of morality and nurture your attitude
that respects courtesy in the Japanese culture. Through this experience programme, you will learn the path of human development in the way of the samurai. You will be wearing kendo uniforms and experience the basic movements of kendo.


3) Aizuwakamatsu Samurai Spirit Guided Tour

This tour will bring you to the sites relevant to samurai culture and history in Aizu Wakamatsu. An experienced tour guide will accompany you.


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Author: Deb Davad


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