Relax, restart and reward yourself in sustainable Italy

Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected everyone’s work-life balance. The impact has been felt by people of all walks of life–business owners, employees, or company managers. With the pandemic’s impact comes the need to adapt, change, reset, and restart so that everyone’s work and free time are all about creativity, well-being, and motivation.


Italian Special Occasions comes to rescue with their ISO Workation Experience that offers a fabulous, sustainable and rewarding solution to the stressful industry changes.


The program is a mixture of work and vacation, designed to relax, restart and reward authentically in Italy.


All the attention is focused on the clients’ well-being, work project, and the educated exploration of the destination.


This is where work meets relaxation as one gets to spend some quality time in a beautiful venue while working on a business project, and relax.


The morning starts with a yoga session in an Italian-landscaped garden, a healthy breakfast with fresh local products, and a meeting with the coach to strengthen your productivity with precise goals.


Italian Special Occasions knows what you need. If you are wondering what your office space will be, their idea is to allow you to work from a historical villa with modern workspaces setup expressly for ISO Workation Experiences to meet your requirements and guarantee a wellbeing-focused and creativity-boosting work environment.


And in your free time, all leisure activities have the objective of helping you rediscover – sustainably – your senses, the spark of creativity, and the focus and passion needed to meet a purpose, whether it’s a work-related goal or a personal mission.


Italian Special Occasions always believed in the positive impact that sustainable events can have on local communities and the environment.


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Author: Deb Davad

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