Pure! Argentina invites you to Buenos Aires for art and dining

If you look close enough, no matter the angle, you will find the city of Buenos Aires to be absolutely beautiful in a handful of ways. Keeping up with both old traditions and modern trends, the city is incredibly dynamic. Each neighborhood has a different personality with a touch of bohemian atmosphere, eclectic architecture, and multiple artistic and cultural expressions that please both the eye and the palate. If that wasn’t enough to make you eager to explore Buenos Aires, there is a whole new world of discovery when it comes to exploring the unique highlights of the local gastronomy and unexpected delights!


Urban Highlights

For example, the very thought of Argentina topping the list with the best works of graffiti art is not likely to be a common one. But actually, Buenos Aires is highly praised as the capital city with the most colorful and exciting displays of street art. Apart from being known as “La Reina del Plata” (Queen of the Rio de la Plata), the Paris of South America, or home to the sensual and fierce tango, it is also now an urban spectacle with a perfect combination of sightseeing, gastronomy, and cultural experiences.


The city of Buenos Aires even has its own urban art district, which promotes diversity and equality by presenting the work of local and even foreign artists who wish to express themselves. The urban art tours can also be combined with other popular city attractions and can be done on foot or even by bike! Neighborhoods such as Colegiales, Chacarita, Villa Crespo, and Palermo can be discovered, each representing a rich variety of talent and styles, just as surprising as the last! In addition to bright works of art on full display, the gastronomy in Buenos Aires deserves just as much credit


The Buenos Aires Food Scene

Famous for its grass-fed beef and perfect Malbec wines, most visitors to Argentina, or more specifically Buenos Aires, should have no trouble finding these principal staples of the country. But, you should set aside at least one time or another to experience a traditional parrilla or steak house. Yet, with the unexpected mix of European influences, particularly Italian, infused with indigenous roots, there is an even more intoxicating assortment of specialties you should try. These only-in-Argentina dishes will satisfy almost every appetite, even those who are vegetarian.


Defining the Argentine culture and character, the following list of foods and drinks are the absolute top picks to try during your time in Buenos Aires!


Empanadas: A pastry turnover turned savory! These hand-sized pockets of deliciousness are perfect for on the go. Usually, they are filled with either beef, chicken, or sweet corn. These could also be considered artworks considering the beautiful crusts, each one distinct to tell apart the fillings!


Pasta: Surprisingly so, Buenos Aires is filled to the brim with fresh pasta shops. Between the years 1880 to 1930, southern Italians migrated to Argentina, bringing along with them their influences that have stuck to this day, keeping to their traditions with personal touches.


Asados: It wouldn’t be right to keep beef off the list of the greatest Buenos Aires foods. What makes the beef so special here is that it is grass-fed, cut distinctively, and cooked slowly using a special iron grill called a parrilla – it drains the excess juices and prevents burning the meat. The end result is melt in your mouth Carne Asado.


Malbec Wine: Originally hailing from France, but adopted as a native Argentine wine after hundreds of years of cultivation, making it a landmark variety of the country. This particular variety beholds notes of oak, vanilla, leather, and tobacco while highlighting the fruity flavors of plum and blackberry.


Discovering the art and cuisine of Buenos Aires allows you to experience a side of the city you never thought possible. Dive into the local lifestyle and culture with your travel specialist today to find the newest trends and up-and-coming areas!


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Author: Deb Davad




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