Navigating Global Healthcare: 5 Innovative Startups Transforming Medical Tourism

In an era where the cost of healthcare in the U.S. is growing, an increasing number of individuals are turning to medical tourism as a viable and cost-effective alternative. Beyond the traditional hubs like Thailand, where medical procedures are renowned for their affordability and high standards, the landscape of medical tourism is evolving. The National Office of Travel and Tourism’s data reveals a fascinating trend – international travelers visiting the U.S. are spending 10% more on medical tourism expenses compared to the previous year. This paradigm shift has given rise to a new wave of startups that aim to empower travelers by providing comprehensive solutions, from destination selection to treatment planning and beyond.


GapDoc: Bridging Borders for Healthcare


GapDoc is a startup that acts as a bridge, connecting travelers with accredited hospitals across Asia for medical procedures. The platform goes beyond the conventional by not only assisting with travel logistics but also providing travelers with quotes for procedures before they embark on their journey. While GapDoc’s primary focus is on medical tourism destinations in Asia, this limitation might pose challenges for those seeking procedures in the U.S. or Europe. However, for those exploring healthcare options in Asia, GapDoc simplifies the process, offering transparency and convenience.


SkiftTake: GapDoc’s commitment to providing upfront quotes and seamless travel arrangements enhances transparency, a crucial factor for medical tourists.

Medical Tourism

GloboMD: Beyond Medical Procedures


GloboMD stands out as a comprehensive marketplace that enables users to compare a range of medical procedures abroad, complete with associated costs. Additionally, the platform assists in organizing accommodations and other concierge services during the medical journey. What sets GloboMD apart is its interactive map feature, showcasing available accommodations in proximity to hospitals and clinics. This visual representation aids travelers in making informed decisions based on convenience and accessibility.


SkiftTake: GloboMD’s integration of maps and accommodation options enhances user experience, facilitating a more informed decision-making process for medical tourists.


Medigo: Connecting Patients with Global Excellence


Medigo positions itself as a marketplace that facilitates the search, booking, and arrangement of high-quality medical treatment abroad. With a vast network encompassing over 300 clinics across 15 countries, Medigo connects travelers with esteemed medical professionals. The platform segments destinations based on medical specialties, providing insights into the healthcare advancements and specialties each country is known for.


SkiftTake: While Medigo’s specialization approach may limit the range of procedures, it ensures that users gain a comprehensive understanding of each destination’s medical expertise and strengths.


TraveDoc: Bridging the Language Gap in Healthcare


TraveDoc addresses a critical concern for many medical tourists – the fear of communication barriers with healthcare professionals in a foreign country. Serving as an online doctor appointment scheduling service, TraveDoc enables travelers to choose and schedule appointments with physicians, dentists, or specialists who speak their language. By eliminating language barriers, TraveDoc aims to make medical treatment abroad more accessible and comfortable for tourists.


SkiftTake: TraveDoc’s focus on breaking down language barriers adds a crucial layer of accessibility to medical tourism, promoting confidence among travelers seeking healthcare services abroad.


GetTreated: Where Medical Professionals Guide the Way


GetTreated sets itself apart by not only assisting travelers with estimates for medical procedures abroad. But also by offering a team of medical professionals as advisors. The startup goes beyond logistics, providing a network of healthcare experts who guide travelers throughout their medical journey. This unique approach instills confidence in users, knowing that experienced professionals have vetted the service.


SkiftTake: GetTreated’s inclusion of medical professionals in advisory roles adds credibility and reassurance for travelers. Also creating a sense of trust in the services offered.



The landscape of medical tourism is undergoing a transformation, fueled by the need for cost-effective and quality healthcare solutions. These startups pave the way for a new era in global healthcare. And they address not only logistical challenges but also the complex concerns of medical tourists. From transparent quotes and comprehensive comparisons to language support and professional guidance, these startups are redefining the medical tourism experience. As the demand for accessible and reliable healthcare transcends borders, the role of these innovative platforms becomes increasingly vital. And shaping a future where global healthcare is at the fingertips of those seeking a healthier and more affordable alternative.


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