Marialva Hotspots with Casas do Côro

We highlight the following hotspots in order to provide the best experiences during your stay at Casas do Côro:


Visit to the historical village of Marialva

Walking visit to the castle of Marialva and discovery of the rich historical, religious, architectural
and natural heritage of this Historical Village. Here you will find the beauty and the silence you
thought no longer existed.

Included In your stay


Picnic Boho chic

A gourmet picnic made in the heart of nature on a fabulous and totally unexpected spot with full
privacy: the Vineyard Lounge. In the middle of the countryside, in the heart of the vineyard, where
we have placed a table with every comfort. A completely chill-out ambiance with a fantastic view
over the village and a wonderful sunset!

Price: 57,50€ per person
Price of the picnic with electric bikes : 77,50€ per person


Night walk

Night walk to discover the magic of silence, along with the best views over Casas do Côro and the
beautiful Historical Village Marialva.

Included in your stay. Minimum of 6 participants.


Cooking lesson with Cármen
Unveil all secrets and take the best ingredients to surprise everyone back home! It lasts
approximately 1 hour, followed by a tasting of the specialities.

Price: 125,00€ per person


Sensational dinner // owners experience

New dinner format with the owners, a version very upgrade of the last gastronomic developments
of Carmen and the latest news of Paulo’s wines. An unique table with 10 spots, with 8 guests and
the owners, once a week. Let yourself be surprised by our own hands, we only need to know if
there is any food restriction.

Price per person: 127,50€ with everything included


Electric bikes

You can comfortably ride our electric bikes without worrying about making effort on the way up.
The routes are signed and these environmentally friendly bikes will help you to live this incredible

Price of the rental for electric bike: 24,00€/ bike moorning pack or afternoon pack


Casas do Côro CAN-AM Power

Pure adrenaline experience in our 6-seater CAN-AM Power driven by an experienced pilot, we ride fantastic trails around the Historical Village of Marialva around almond trees, olive trees and a large vineyard spot, in a pure nature setting, ending in the Lounge of the vineyard of Casas do Côro with an appetizer and a tonic Port to retemper the lived emotions.


Price 45 minutes: 90,00€ per person *
Price 90 minutes: 165,00€ per person*
*limited to a minimum of two and a maximum of five people simultaneously


And for the most fearless who want to experience a moment of pure adrenaline, there is always a
option to choose the CAN-AM Maverick X 3 XRS competition.
Price 60 minutes: 150,00€ per person *
*limited to a 1 person



It’s about one hour ride through our vineyards ending in the vineyard lounge. It includes lots of
music, a good Rosé and lots of fun, it’s amazing!

Price: 42,50€ per adult

Children on request

Obs.: We have a minimum of 8 adults, but it’s likely that on-request and if we already have started
the service for the requested day with other guests, might be possible to not apply the minimum.


Secret Spot

In this summer at Casas do Côro, it is a magical place that invites you to the romantic.
Located at 300 meters from Casas do Côro, in the middle of one hundred years old trees, where
was strategically placed a bed of recycled wood that allows you to make a break in the middle of
the nature and enjoy a wonderful 2018 rosé, Entrada Casas do Côro, and understand that when
we want, the time stops.

Price: 37,50€ per person


Visit to the Côa museum and stone engravings

The Valley of River Côa is an absolutely unique place in the world. It has the world’s largest
engravings, dating back to Pre-historic times. Leaded by guides of the Archaeological Park of Côa
Valley, it will be the best option to understand the harshness of this northern region of Beira Interior.


If you wish to visit by foot the Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Côa walk should make a reservation
by calling 279 768 260 (the park is closed on Mondays).


For any further information please do not hesitate to contact to phone 917 552 020.
Price: from 20,00€ per person


Quinta da Ervamoira

Visit to the Museum of Sitio da Ervamoira, owned by Casa Ramos Pinto, Port of honor and lunch,
a visit to one of the most magical place in the region.
Possibility of wine tasting – on request
Price: from 65,00€ per person


Boat tour in Douro Superior (from March to November) – on request

Boat tour in Douro river in the brand-new boat “Casas do Côro”, an Jeanneau NC 33, with boho
chic at the Casa da Linha Férrea.
Price: 165,00€ /adult
90,00€ /kids until 6 years
110,00€ / kids from 6 to 12 years
130,00€ / kids from 13 to 17 years

Minimum of 8 adultos.


Boat Tour Douro from Barca D’alva to Pocinho– on request

( Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
Boat tours in the Douro river in the boat “Casas do Côro” a brand new Jeanneau NC 33, with lunch
at the restaurant “O Lagar” in Escalhão, with extended tasting of the regional gastronomy.
Price: on request – Maximum: 8 people


Sunset Boat Tour (from March to November) – on request

Boat tours in Douro river in the boat “Casas do Côro”, a brand new Jeanneau NC 33, from the
Pocinho pier to the mouth of the Côa River, with a stop to cheers to life in a magical place right in
front of the Railway House.
Price: 95,00€ /adult
45,00€ / kids until 6 years old
55,00€ / kids from 6 to 12 years old
70,00€ / teens from 13 to 17 years old
Minimum of 8 participants.


Lunch or Dinner at Casa da Linha Férrea (Railway House) – on request

Lunch starting at 13h30m and dinners staring in an only schedule at 19h30m for we can enjoy a
magical sunset, a meal in a BOHO CHIC format with good ambient music and fantastic wines.
Upon 24 hour prior reservation.
Price: 75,00€ per person (minimum of 8 adults)
Children: on request

Obs.: We have a minimum of 8 adults, but it’s likely that on-request and if we already have started
the service for the requested day with other guests, might be possible to not apply the minimum.


Train trip (all the year, especially on rainy winters)

2-way train trip across the most spectacular track of Douro Superior from Pocinho to Régua always
by the river, passing by some of the most prestigious wineries. Possibility to visit the polyvalent and
educational Douro Museum in Régua.
Price: from 13,00€ per person


For enquiries, click here.


Author: Deb Davad


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