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  1. Une expérience de 23 ans dans le tourisme en Amérique latine
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  7. A network of receptive agencies in five countries (Colombia, Costa Rica , Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela )
  8. A network of partner agencies (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua)
  9. Original handsets between group agencies and partner agencies
  10. Transparent and ethical behaviour to better contribute to sustainable development.


Destination: Venezuela

As large as 2 times France and half less populated, the Venezuela is alone a small concentrate of Latin America!! Canoe Excursion on the canals of the Orinoco Delta to meet the Warao Indians, hike in the jungle at the foot of the world's highest waterfall, the Angel Salto, in the National Park of Canaima, wild ride with the vaqueros of the Great Plains From the Llanos, diving on the splendid corals of the archipelago of Los Roques, salsa furious in the discotheque of Caracas or simply lazing a piña colada by hand on the beaches of Margarita, the Venezuela offers the traveller a Incredible diversity.

Los Andes
Forest, the Andes

From the glaciers of the high peaks to the small remote villages, the Venezuelan Andes offer the visitor a multitude of landscapes which make it one of the privileged destinations at Venezuela.

The Mérida Valley, bordered to the north by Sierra La Culata National Park and to the south by Sierra Nevada National Park, is the ideal place to leave on foot, with mules or 4x4 to discover the Selva Nublada (Misty Forest) and its splendid vegetation and of the Páramo.

Los Llanos
Canaima is one of the largest national parks on the planet with its 3.5 million hectares. The site is just spectacular. The Rio Carrao forms a lagoon bordered by beaches with rosy sand shaded by palm trees. A whole series of waterfalls come pouring into it forming a real wall of water. The Canaima National Park is covered with savannas and forests where the fabulous selected Tepuis, tabular mountains bordered by immense cliffs carved in the oldest rocks, emerge.

Choroni, multicoloured village nestled at the foot of the National Park Henri pitter will charm you: territory of the best cocoa in the world according to the great chocolatiers, it is also and above all a small fishing village where it is good to live, and where on Saturday evening Resonate The haunting drums at African rhythms... Enjoy the sun in Playa Grande, the beach of the village, sail in Peñero, colorful fishing boat, towards the beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees of the area.

Delta of the Orinoco
Reflections on the Delta

Experience a great adventure in an exceptional setting: The Orinoco Delta, the second largest delta in the world with its 25 000 km² of rivers, canals, mangroves and dense forests. This immense aquatic labyrinth is the territory of the Warao Indians or "people of the canoes" who inhabit stilt houses. It offers a unique ecosystem that makes it an ideal refuge for many species of animals and plants. Travel the arms of the Delta by canoe.

Los Roques
The Los Roques archipelago, "Paradise on Earth", says Christopher Columbus, a national park, is one of the most important marine reserves in the Caribbean with 225,000 hectares of coral atolls. The show begins on Earth with the countless white sand beaches with turquoise waters, it continues in the air with the incessant ballet of seagulls and pelicans whose dives will irresistibly attract your attention to this immense aquarium. Intense underwater life, corals.

Margarita, the Pearl of the Caribbean, was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage and was one of the first colonized centres in the new world for the exploitation of pearls. Its beautiful beaches with clear waters are the main attraction of the island. But Margarita is full of many other treasures that we will gladly make you discover: the lagoon of La Restinga, refuge of thousands of birds, the old town of La Asunción and its monuments, but also Porlamar.

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