Passion for Events - Uruguay!

South America offers many accessible countries, such as Uruguay, which just by crossing the border from Buenos Aires, you can enjoy many cultural experiences such as the colonial heritage, as Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo, the country's capital, are home to the most diverse selection of cultural activities. A small and friendly nation located only one hour from Buenos Aires, Argentina and 2 and a half hours from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where distances are practically non-existent and all the country's resources are at hand.

Historical monuments such as the Torres Garcia Museum, as well as the Centenary Stadium, which hosted the first World Cup in history, are examples. However, the simple act of walking the streets allows tourists to experience the city's colourful culture.

One of Uruguay's main natural attractions is Punta del Este. Punta del Este is located on a small peninsula on the southeast coast of Uruguay. Its beaches are divided into Mansa, or river side, and Brava, or ocean side. It has excellent river and ocean beaches with calm waters for people looking to relax or with waves that will make surfers try them out as soon as they see them. A wide range of farms (also called estancias) where you can disconnect from the world and enjoy contact with nature, peace and quiet, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, learning to saddle a horse, as well as many other "gaucho activities" or just reading a book or walking and relaxing.



Uruguay is also home to many unique cultural expressions, but something unique is the Murga. Murgas take place on what we call "tablados" where they can be public or private. Whether in Montevideo or anywhere else outside the capital, murgas always provide a refreshingly humorous, satirical and critical view of current events, expressed through this traditional theatrical format with song, costumes and vibrant make-up.

The carnival is born in the everyday neighbourhoods where each group has its followers at home to support them, whether on the stage, in the parades or in the official competitions with qualified judges and prizes. The murgas' rehearsals are usually public, where friends and family can come and memorise the group's repertoire. This is a great experience as the Carnival in MONTEVIDEO is as amazing as in other Latin American cities.

Uruguay also offers excellent wines and gastronomy. The grill is the most distinguished menu of the Uruguayan diet, accompanied by a glass of Tannat, is an experience not to be missed. Uruguayan wines are ideal for pairing with exquisite grilled meat cuts. Among the many wines available in Uruguay, Tannat often stands out as the preferred wine.

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