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The National Agency for the Economy of Conferences (ANEC) was created by decree No. 2020-011/PRN of January 10, 2020. Attached to the Presidency of the Republic, ANEC's mission is to ensure a contribution positive to the national economy, by now making conferences and international events a source of job creation and substantial income for Niger.

1. Contribute to the visibility of Niger in order to make it a preferred destination for the organization of conferences and other large-scale international events;

2. Ensure the coordination and organization, in accordance with international standards, of all international conferences and meetings in collaboration with the public and private structures concerned, national or international;

3. Ensure that Niger has the infrastructure, equipment and skills required for the organization of conferences and other international events;

4. Encourage, support and supervise private initiatives that can contribute to the development of the conference economy.


Guidance and Control Board

ANEC has a Guidance and Control Council (COC) which is its political governance body, and which monitors its strategic orientations, its proper functioning and its performance through periodic sessions on the state of implementation of strategic and operational plans. It also has powers of questioning and advising General Management. The Orientation and Control Council is responsible for defining the Agency's strategic orientations and ensuring the proper execution of its missions. It is composed of eight (8) Ministers, the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister and two (2) personalities representing the private sector, chosen on the basis of their competence and their international reputation


Leading team

The General Management is the body for managing and implementing the orientations of the Orientation and Control Council. It is headed by a Director General appointed by decree taken by the Council of Ministers and vested with all the powers necessary to ensure the management of the Agency. He exercises all the technical, administrative and financial functions necessary for the achievement of the Agency's objectives. The General Management is responsible for the implementation and proper execution of all the tasks and orientations validated by the Guidance and Control Board. It is headed by a Managing Director.

As such, she:

  • prepares the work of the Orientation and Control Council;
  • submits all proposals useful for the accomplishment of ANEC's missions;
  • implements the guidelines and decisions adopted by the Board;
  • ensures the development of the various strategies and policies of ANEC and ensures their implementation
  • conducts negotiations with the appropriate partners and investors, in order to mobilize the resources necessary for
  • the development of the conference economy in conjunction with the Ministries and technical services concerned;
  • prepares the ANEC budget and oversees its implementation;
  • manages ANEC's assets;
  • recruits for ANEC jobs and provides personnel management. He exercises hierarchical authority over all staff;
  • represents ANEC with third parties in all acts of civil life;
  • reports on its management to the Guidance and Control Board, to which it submits quarterly and annual reports.
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