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Travel World Safaris LLC is an expert and specializes in tours and safaris in Africa, owned by a Kenyan, we offer you a truly unforgettable experience of this beautiful part of the Earth, that we are fortunate to call home. This combination of culture, incredible white sand beaches, and the most significant wildlife National Parks in Africa makes Africa a unique destination for our guests.

Some of the things we have heard feedback about from our clients involve our professionalism, safety, security, and quality. Every request and connection is unique. In order to develop a relationship at every stage of our business, when service incidents arise, we act fast backed by an entire company, including our Director.



Nakuru, which is located in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, is a compelling location that mesmerizes tourists with its stunning natural surroundings, an abundance of wildlife, and a distinctive cultural legacy. Nakuru, known for its magnificent lake, national park, and bustling city life, provides visitors seeking adventure, peace, and a close connection to nature with a memorable experience. We invite you to go with us virtually as we discover the various wonders of Nakuru in this blog.

The numerous flamingos that swarm to the shores of Lake Nakuru give it its characteristic pink color. It is amazing to see the birds feeding and flying across the lake in this hypnotic display. The lake and its surrounding wetlands continue to be an essential habitat for a broad array of bird species, making it a delight for birdwatchers and environment lovers. However, occasionally changing water levels have forced the flamingos to migrate.

The Menengai Crater, the largest volcanic crater in Kenya, rises magnificently on the outskirts of Nakuru town and provides a memorable hiking experience. You will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru, and the town below as you make your way up to the crater's rim. Learn about the crater's geological significance and local folklore as you explore the interior, which is peppered with volcanic steam vents and old caves.

With numerous tribes living there, Nakuru has a diverse cultural legacy. Engage with the local populations to learn about their customs, artwork, and handicrafts. Visit locations like Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site, a former excavation site that displays artifacts and offers insights into the early human habitation of the area. Additionally, you may fully immerse yourself in the local urban culture in the bustling markets, food carts, and lively nightlife of Nakuru.



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