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Travel World Safaris LLC is an expert and specializes in tours and safaris in Africa, owned by a Kenyan, we offer you a truly unforgettable experience of this beautiful part of the Earth, that we are fortunate to call home. This combination of culture, incredible white sand beaches, and the most significant wildlife National Parks in Africa makes Africa a unique destination for our guests.

Some of the things we have heard feedback about from our clients involve our professionalism, safety, security, and quality. Every request and connection is unique. In order to develop a relationship at every stage of our business, when service incidents arise, we act fast backed by an entire company, including our Director.



Botswana, situated in Southern Africa, is renowned for its abundant wildlife and vast unspoiled wilderness. The Okavango Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a major attraction, offering breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) safaris. Chobe National Park is another highlight, known for its large elephant population and stunning riverfront scenery.

The capital city of Botswana is Gaborone, which offers a mix of modern amenities and cultural experiences. The climate in Botswana is generally hot and dry, with a rainy season from November to March. The currency is the Botswana Pula (BWP). Botswana's rich culture is showcased through traditional music, dance, and crafts, with the San people (Bushmen) being an important part of the country's heritage.

Nightlife in Botswana is more laid-back compared to other destinations, with a focus on bars, restaurants, and live music performances, particularly in Gaborone and Maun.



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