Whether it’s a cosy fondue, an evening visit to a museum or cross-country skiing against the spectacular mountain backdrop of the Nature Park Gantrisch – the possibilities for excursions and experiences in the destination of Bern are nearly endless. We will show you its variety.

Federal city, city of shopping, pleasure, culture: Bern is diverse and unique. Whether you’re looking for nature, cultural activities, or great food – this is the place for you.

In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe when he visited Bern in 1779: “Sie ist die Schönste, die wir je gesehen haben” (“It is the most beautiful [city] we have ever seen”). Over 200 years later, the city still impresses and awes visitors with its beauty. But Bern is not just pretty to look at, it also has an irresistible charm, is incredibly diverse, and exudes a feeling and a way of life that can only be felt in Bern.

Bern's Old City
The Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the heart of Bern. Its arcades do not only protect us from the rain and the sun, they also house a plethora of unique shops and stylish boutiques. One special feature of the Old City are the bars and restaurants in the vaulted cellars – in the past, the sandstone cellars were used to store supplies, now they’re filled with hip beer bars, ateliers, or second-hand shops.


Be it in the hot summer months or the depth of winter, whether the sun is out or it’s raining cats and dogs – there are all kinds of fun, interesting and exciting activities in and around Bern, and there’s something for every preference and weather.

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