The General Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Rabi’ Al-Akhir 20, 1440 AH, corresponding to December 28, 2018, under Royal Decree No. (A/154).

The authority seeks to enable the growth of the exhibitions and conferences sector by developing this industry in a way that contributes to attracting international exhibitions and conferences, marketing the Kingdom’s qualitative opportunities and its advantages, emphasizing the Kingdom’s leading role on the map of exhibitions and conferences and highlighting its position at the international leveL.


The authority aims to improve the exhibitions and conferences sector with all its elements, components and capabilities, and to organize, develop and develop it, and work to enhance its role in the national economy, increase its effectiveness, and overcome obstacles to its growth, in accordance with the best international practices.

Upgrading the exhibitions and conferences sector with all its elements, components and capabilities, its organization, development, and development, and working to enhance its role in the national economy, increase its effectiveness, and overcome obstacles to its growth, in accordance with the best international practices, and in particular it.

Encouraging investment in the exhibition and conference sector, and providing incentives and relevant information.
Work to highlight the Kingdom as an attractive destination for holding exhibitions and conferences, in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Qualifying, training and developing national cadres in the field of exhibitions and conferences.

Attracting international exhibitions and conferences, developing and supporting local exhibitions and conferences, and creating exhibitions and conferences that reflect the identity of the Kingdom.

Providing technical support to government agencies when holding exhibitions and conferences outside the Kingdom.

Cooperating with government agencies and similar bodies in other countries, and participating in international organizations and associations with regard to their competencies, in accordance with legal procedures.

Representing the Kingdom in international forums related to its competencies.

Preparing studies and research related to the exhibitions and conferences sector.

Develop plans and controls necessary to motivate organizers and owners of exhibitions and conferences.



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to developing the exhibition and conference industry, after realizing its importance in diversifying the economic base, away from the revenues of oil production and export. This industry can generate huge revenues that contribute significantly to the GDP, becoming a major driver of the national economy. The Kingdom is the economic hub of the entire region, the largest regional economy, and one of the members of the Group of Twenty, which enhances its position as a center for business activities. Pioneering, diversified economy, new and modern facilities and hotels, strong infrastructure, education and advanced technology, ease of systems and procedures; These components are able to attract exhibitions, conferences, forums and international meetings, which enables the Kingdom to occupy a high position among the world's leading countries.

In its development plans, the Kingdom always seeks to diversify the economic base, diversify its sources of economic production, support the growth of the private sector in order to reduce dependence on oil as a major resource for the national economy, provide job opportunities for Saudi youth by enhancing private sector contributions, and attract foreign capital to support investment projects. The Kingdom also wants to enhance its competitive position among the countries of the world, so it makes sustainable development a fundamental strategic choice. The Kingdom is moving at a confident pace towards stimulating the growth of the exhibition and conference industry , as the Kingdom targets a number of advanced economic and investment sectors, including health, education, training, sports, entertainment, trade, housing, the financial and agricultural sector, cultural affairs, information technology, petrochemicals, energy, Hajj and Umrah in order to encourage the establishment of business events for those sectors.

The Kingdom is witnessing a remarkable growth in the exhibition and conference industry , due to the economic and urban renaissance that the Kingdom is witnessing, and the provision of facilities, services and strong infrastructure, and the Kingdom has strong sectors that have the ability to invest in the exhibition and conference industry , accompanied by a continuous government orientation to support economic development in general.

There are strengths that make the Kingdom a promising destination for the exhibition and conference industry, as follows:

The Kingdom's 2030 vision for the present and the future.

The government's growing interest in diversifying the economic base.

A promising private sector that is on the cusp of growth and development.

Promising investment possibilities in the facilities of this sector.

- A growing role for the private sector targeting the exhibitions and conferences industry .

- Quality hotels in strategic locations.

Experience in hosting large numbers of visitors.

- The largest Gulf country in terms of population and economic power.

The highest GDP growth rate in the Gulf region and the Middle East.

The largest oil producer in the world.

Strong infrastructure in the areas of communications and transportation at the international and local levels.

The Kingdom is characterized by the development of many specialized economic sectors, such as: the oil industries, energy, medicine, water treatment and desalination, dates, and information technology.

The Kingdom is witnessing a significant growth in academic institutions

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