Opened in 2001 Liberty International Russia can proudly look back on more than 15 years of successful experience in leisure and incentive programs to Russia, providing there a full-scale Destination Management.

Liberty International Russia has occupied a strong position on M.I.C.E market and operates its own full service offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow. We are a team of people with a rich history of professional experience - every member of the Liberty International Russia team speaks fluent English and has a strong sense of customer service and quality. Owing to experience, knowledge and fantasy of our staff we can help to design any trip in Russia to your favorite travel style, to propose highly custom-tailored programs to suit Your client's objectives and budget by identifying and negotiating for the best possible facilities, careful selection of venues and support services required to successful realization of the designed proposals. Our clients come from all over the world and from all sectors of the market. They include incentive groups, special interest groups, conferences and congresses and so on. We have handled itineraries for government delegations, sports teams and sponsors, international celebrities and music festivals. We are very proud of all our clients and ready to do everything to make our clients happy!



- MICE, Premium Leisure, Sports Hospitality, Cruise and Train, Virtual and Hybrid events, Aircraft



Russia is the largest country in the world with the enormous variety of cultures, landscapes, people. Through best and worst times in its history Russia has kept its integrity and unique character.

Russia is famous for its open heart and overwhelming hospitality, beautiful nature and rich culture.

In few decades passed since the Perestroyka began, Russia has evolved from the old fashioned heart of the communist world to the contemporary cosmopolitan country.

Each city in Russia has a unique atmosphere, so every guest can find what they like.

St. Petersburg is a city where one can spend months exploring the amazing architectural and fine art masterpieces. Among St. Petersburg's greatest visitor attractions are the incredible Imperial parks and palaces in the suburbs of the city. Built for generations of Romanovs, these extravagant and extraordinary estates reflect the individual tastes of each of Russia's remarkable rulers. The famous museum, the Hermitage is an unmissable attraction on any St. Petersburg itinerary, with highlights including the superb collection of impressionist and post-impressionist art, as well as the incomparably ornate state rooms of the Winter Palace. Only in order to enjoy the unique works of Impressionist masters you have to come to St. Petersburg.

It is impossible to speak about Russia without mentioning our old ancient Capital Moscow. One can combine visit to St. Petersburg with a trip to the Russian capital, with its rich history, spectacular eclectic architecture, and buzzing urban atmosphere. Being in Moscow, do not forget to visit old ancient Russian towns located around Moscow called “Golden Ring” chain.

Here in Russia you may not only enjoy the art collections and architectural ensembles but also to be involved in different kind of activities – from painting Russian Matrioshkas up to the shooting from Russian Kalashnikov guns.

Your visit to Russia will be your own unexpected and unique experience.

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