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You will hear a thousand words regarding what companies want to do for your travel experience like tailor made, personalized, customized and many others but “on their perspective”, but what about yours? What do you want your travel to be?  We at KINDLE JOURNEYS, encourage, spur, inspire and help you to become what could be a single travel in your own journey, a real transcendental and flawlessly different frame of time in your life.
Committed, as well, to the thought “tourism brings benefit to everybody involved in it than agencies only” and thanks to the “know how” we´ve got over the years, we put our services together to enhance your vacation as a long-lasting memory with real commitment to satisfy and exceed your expectations with unexpected details that surprise and delight throughout your journey.


We as a company are seriously committed to achieving our mission, “Provide unique travel experiences and unforgettable moments, encouraging exploration and seeking to transcend in the lives of our clients and in the lives of the people involved in the journey.” Our philosophy stands in that “Love is the reason to start a business and what fuels it” because in order “To live a life with no regrets we need to live a life of meaning” and that’s precisely what we try to achieve in every single day of the program our clients have. It’s not only about the history of the place you are visiting, the interesting facts and all the things that are sort of a given in a program, itinerary or vacation, is going further to find specific moments during their journey where we can jump off the paper, take a divert in the road and talk more about what is really meaningful in life, leaving our clients with a deep feeling and a special value within them. We wish we can spark inside you and your clients a deep feeling for transcending and pursuing a meaningful experience through traveling, something that they will definitely share with their loved-ones and their community in order to Kindle the same feeling in others and spread this traveling experience and mindset around the globe.


Transcend. Explore, Discover. Reconnect. Indulge Yourself.

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