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QUIMBAYA – The name of an ancient pre-Colombian civilization, noted for their gold work characterized by technical accuracy and detailed designs.

The culture’s the most emblematic piece comes from this period, a form of poporo known as the Poporo Quimbaya, on exhibit at the Bogotá Gold Museum.

In 1987, Claudia Terrade founded Quimbaya Tours in Bogotá, Colombia to introduce her home country as a new destination to French travelers. She named it QUIMBAYA, to follow the dedication of this ancient civilization and to give an efficient, experienced and reliable team.

Later in 1988, Jean Terrade joined Claudia’s passion for her country and for a continent creating a new corporate label, Quimbaya Latin America. QUIMBAYA since then has grown and blossomed attracting more travel agents from around the world to 11 destinations in Latin America.


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Destination: Peru

The assistance for your entire journey from our local offices, all English professional speakers.
Local English speaking guides
Visit of Lima’s Historical Centre, capital of the Spanish viceroyalty.
Visit of the beautiful city of Arequipa, the « white city »,
Discover of the floating islands of Uros, reed islands upon which live the Uros people
Stop at Abra of La Raya, the highest point of the journey 4338m.a.s.l, setting the pass between the Andes and the Altiplano (high plateau).
Visit of an ancient salt mine, located in the sidewall of a mountain.
Walk through at Ollantaytambo town, which its trace and construction are Inca, and it is still inhabited by Inca’s descendants.
Visit of Machu Picchu, icon of the Inca architecture and engineering, and one of the new 7 wonders of the world. .
Discover Cusco, historical city and former capital of the Inca Empire
Visit of the Koricancha or the Sun Temple, catholic monument built on the foundations of an Inca Temple.

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