About Africa Co. invites you to submerge yourself into the allocentric adventure that is, Namibia. Concierge travel experts in nontraditional safaris - out of the ordinary itineraries, ideas, conservation, riding, air, biking, LGBTQ+ or disability experiences - focusing on the individual.



About Africa Co. is a premier DMC with bespoke concierge- based experiences facilitation capabilities. Born from within the heart of Namibia, in the luxury of the bush, around a bonfire with a passion for the extraordinary travel  impressions by offering nature, wildlife, cultural, traditional educational, volunteering, and development tourism.

We set quality and sustainability with conservation and wellbeing as the highest priorities, a fundamental focus point in the individuality process. We combine singular service, authentic local expertise, and insider access.

Individualism is key. We craft custom experiences that reflect an allocentric style and journey preference. It is known by our existing clientele that our attention to detail is what sets us apart.

Our mission, even during the most traditional tasks is to achieve the nontraditional. That is what sets us apart. Our team is diversified, ambitious and ever hungry for evolving trends setting us at the frontline of realizing where profitable change is taking place – a professional focal point lost in the comfortability that was. Our partners are part of a pristine selection process ensuring sustainability in quality, philosophy and continued essence of allocentric travel styles.

With us, you are unlocking years of locally inspired know-how, challenging the norm, achieving above par results by way of very satisfied clients. Creating the best experience is about who you know, and here in Africa's best kept secret - we set the standard with who we are, who we have, and what we know and see.


Your journey begins here, with the born-and-bred experts, and where no travel plan is the same.


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