Why Kitakyushu?

The City of Kitakyushu was created when five cities merged in 1963. Since the government-run Yawata Steel Works began operations in 1901, the city has developed around heavy and chemical industries, such as iron and steel, machinery, and chemical companies, and has underpinned industrial modernization and rapid economic growth in Japan. In recent years, a concentration of industries has gathered in our city that includes robotics, auto, and telecommunications industries. The City of Kitakyushu continues to develop today as a manufacturing town proud of its advanced technological strength.

In addition, city residents, corporations, academic organizations, and the government have united to overcome the severe pollution problems that arose as a result of that development. In 2011, we were the first city in Asia to be selected by the OECD as a Green Growth City that has succeeded in balancing the environment and economy.

We have confronted various issues, including serious pollution, the decline of major industries, and an aging population, but each time have adapted to become a Transformative City that has overcome hardships and turned them into opportunities.


Destination selection
*We provide support for attracting MICE events to Kitakyushu City.
*We can provide the necessary materials (promotional videos, presentation materials, Kitakyushu MICE logo, etc.) for attracting a host city.
*We will assist in the acceptance of preliminary inspections and other necessary measures after the site has been selected.

Kitakyushu International Conference Center & West Japan General Exhibition Center
The Kitakyushu Convention & Visitors Association operates and manages the Kitakyushu International Conference Center and the West Japan General Exhibition Center and can provide flexible reservation services (early booking). We can also propose venue plans and introduce set-up companies.

Banquet / Excursion
In conjunction with conferences and conventions, we can plan and provide excursions and banquets that will leave a lasting impression on participants.

Unique venue
We will propose unique venues, such as Kokura Castle, Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu, and the former Matsumoto Residence.

Kitakyushu Subsidy Program for Convention Organizers
Subsidy up to 15 million JPY, the highest level of subsidy in Japan!

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