Rediscover Japan—and rediscover yourself—in Fukui. The human touch of Zen Buddhism and traditional crafts. The natural beauty of rugged coastlines and mountain forests. Explore at your own pace, for relaxation, spiritual enrichment, and fun.

Fukui consistently ranks as Japan’s happiest prefecture. Some say this is because of the natural beauty all around. Others say it comes from the deep roots of Zen Buddhism and its influence on the local culture. Fukui makes a great destination to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, or to look deep inside yourself.

Fukui is home to a rich heritage of craftsmanship, preserved and practiced by thriving artisan communities in areas like Echizen. Fukui’s artisans draw on centuries of tradition making blades, joinery, lacquerware, ceramics, and paper, to innovate through collaboration. Come learn about—and even try making—some of these traditional crafts.

Fukui’s reputation for excellent food goes back centuries, to when the region provided seafood to the imperial court. Today, Fukui is known for premium seafood like Echizen Gani crab, as well as everyday favorites like Oroshi Soba noodles and Sauce Katsu-don pork cutlet bowls. Don’t miss these must-try local specialties.

Fukui is a hidden treasure, offering a glimpse into another side of Japan. Find natural beauty, incredible food, and old-fashioned lifestyles, all within a few hours of Japan’s biggest cities.

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