Liberty International Italy is a Company composed by a young and open-minded staff curious about the world and where the heterogeneity of his components is a strength. Therefore, all elements of the society are of different nationalities and languages. At Liberty we are always looking for original ideas and structures out of the ordinary to make every event or meeting unforgettable, based on the unique know-how that makes the difference: the human touch and careful attention to detail. For this reason, we guarantee competitive prices, around the clock presence of our staff, both in design and execution of the event. The passion that drives us every day has brought us to acquire training from which we can provide a range of unique locations and activities including all major cities, such as special tours gourmet tours, wine tasting, sporting events, and much more theme tours.

The Company is operative on the national territory with 4 offices: Rome (our headquarters), Milan, Venice and Verona, composed of highly qualified professionals with proven experience in incentive programs, conferences, events and tourism group.



- MICE, Premium Leisure, Sports Hospitality, Cruise and Train, Virtual and Hybrid events, Aircraft



Italy has drawn people in search of culture and romance for many centuries. Few countries can compete with its classical origins, its art, its architecture, its musical and literary traditions, its scenery or food and wine. The ambiguity of its modern image is also fascinating: since the World War II Italy has climbed into the top ten world economies, yet at its heart it retains many of the customs, traditions and regional allegiances of its agricultural heritage. Rome, the eternal city, Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, Venice, the city of the Doges' vibrant cities are as many living and breathing museums to the country's tremendous history. Not to mention the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the North, the unique luminosity of Tuscany region, the 'volcanic' temperament of the South. The country's outstanding cuisine, wines and cheeses add a further touch of magic to this blessed land. The arts in Italy have had a long and glorious history and Italians are very proud of this. Italy has more than 100,000 monuments: archaeological sites, cathedrals, churches, houses and statues. Other flourishing art forms are the performing arts with the Opera, almost every town of any size having its own opera house and the Cinema with the sets at Cinecitta (outside Rome) used by many famous directors such as Fellini, Pasolini, de Sica and Visconti.

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