Eternizing the victorious legacy of Liberty International, Liberty India DMC Pvt Ltd comes into full power to provide luxurious tourism related services. Liberty India DMC Pvt Ltd is a tour and travel company established in 2007 that has received well appreciation from the clientele and is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. Liberty India, is a full service company aiming at providing first hand Destination Management amenities, engaging in bringing clients and destinations together inventively! We aim at providing splendid experiences while you spend your precious moments working or vacationing! To explore the possibilities, GET IN TOUCH.

We regulate a range of fabulous tours that let you explore a whole gamut of fields from Wildlife to Ayurveda, Photography to Fishing and Excursions to the sensational lands. We provide with tender home stays, dates with the Tiger for the wild ones, cooking sessions for the Culinarian, dance classes for the fun and frolic and more for everyone.

We help provide customers’ events and incentives combining old-world charm with modern luxuries, productive meetings with indelible journeys. We offer everything: to revel an extravagant Indian wedding, to celebrate a festival. Events to fly your kites at soaring highs, interacting with historians and much more!



- MICE, Premium Leisure, Sports Hospitality, Cruise and Train, Virtual and Hybrid events, Aircraft



Ancient India, the mighty piece of land to host battles for myriads of kingdoms is the legacy that we still cherish in this modern era. The modern India is a prodigious land playing as the puzzle board impeccably foot holding the 29 states, making it the 3rd most populous democracy. This sovereign land has numerous fables to be narrated to depict the united yet diversified, tangible faces of the culture, cuisine, celebrations and the deep rooted customs, traditions, rituals to be nourished. The digital India, today is one of the world's largest economies and a pivot to many UNESCO projects. The multifarious aspect is not only amusing but a matter of pride; the diametrically opposite indigenous facade can also be so concordant! So much that the Northern part enjoys tea from the Eastern tea leaves and the Southern folks enjoy their indigenous coffee beans.

Our late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi considered India as a Holy Shrine for everyone of us to learn something from, one shall keep their minds clear off some preconceived notions and prejudices, because not only India is incredible and amazingly amusing, but is also unpredictable! From the scratch, when India gave this world Zero, India has been astoundingly a rich palace to abode!
Cheers to this unpredictability!

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