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Ice Tourism is a receptive/Incoming travel agency/tour operator - for Iceland. It had its incubation in the Trans-Atlantic ehf group, Icelandic travel agency/tour operator, founded in 2004.

Ice Tourism became the first Icelandic travel agency/ tour operator specialized in tourism from Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-Speaking African Countries to Iceland, currently expanding to the Spanish and American-speaking markets. Possessing experienced staff which includes tour guides and professionals with several years of experience. We organize trips for individuals, groups, companies, travel agencies and tour operators. Ice Tourism’s experience and knowledge of the field has resulted in great success and client satisfaction.

Why Iceland?
Iceland it’s not for everyone.
It’s not for those who go where everyone else goes.
It’s not for the conservative traveler.
It’s for those who travel the world to experience something
different, to come back with stories to tell and secrets to share.
The stories of Iceland don’t stop as winter comes.
Every season, and in every region, Iceland offers secrets to the
adventurous and enlightened traveler.
So Iceland welcomes all those who travel with the spirit of
adventure, exploring and creativity.
It may not be the first place you think of traveling to but it’ll be
the last place you will ever forget about visiting.

Tourism in Iceland

Unique landscapes and panoramas; one of the last strongholds of virgin and natural landscapes; fjords; northern lights; midnight sun; volcanoes; geysers; mud sulfates and lava; hot geothermal springs in the middle of nature; SPAs/ geothermals pools with silica and minerals; swim in volcanic craters; cascades; glacier lagoons; sightseeings by plane and helicopter; intoxicating nightlife in Reykjavík; intense cultural activity; museums and sagas of the viking ages; legends and folklore of elves , trolls, yule lads, witches, and others magical beings; 13 yule lads; snow; winter sports (snowmobile, ski, ice climbing); expeditions in ice caves and lava; other sports (golf, diving in silfra between 2 tectonic plates, superjeep on the glaciers...); fishing towns in inhospitable places, isolated, beyond our time; birds sanctuaries; paradise for photos lovers; lunar landscapes; one of the best places in the world for whale watching (blue whale, humpback whale, orca whale, mink whale…); icelandic horse (unique in the world), seals, among others.



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