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DMC Balkans Travel & Events was born from our passion for travel. It was established in 2016, and ever since has been considered among the most successful travel management company in N. Macedonia, in terms of professionalism, quality of service, efficiency and absolute reliability.

We are a Full-Service-Incoming Tour operator for N. Macedonia and Balkan Region.

DMC Balkans Travel & Events works successfully in markets worldwide, handling hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, representing thousands of room nights for our hotel partners.

Served more than 130,000 International tourists, main markets: Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Nederland.

Our clients

Our clients are tour operators and travel agencies around the world, who are seeking for their customers the best possible service at a favorable price. Supported with 7 Offices & Branches *India, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macedonia, Bosnia.

Nokia, Bayer Crop Science, Manchester United football club, Huawei, GWP, European Commission are ones of the most prestigious companies that have entrusted us with their trust.

We are fully committed to our partners and aim to always maintain strong relationships with clients, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants.

Our company is committed to seeking solutions that help our partners offer exceptional standards of service, choice, reduced costs, faster transactions, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Our services

Providing for all kinds of interests and activities, including cultural and special-interest tours, tailor-made excursions, roundtrips, wellness, rafting, and MICE tours.

We have a MICE section in our company that we are serving to a lot of private sector companies (mostly international companies), governmental and semi-governmental institutions and sections.

Our greatest satisfaction comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of travel.


Why choose us?

We organize and operate the whole trip for you, saving you time and money;

Our creative and professional staff will help you customize your vacation to fit your needs;

We were chosen by professionals;
Nokia, Bayer Crop Science, Manchester United football club, Huawei, GWP, European Commission are ones of the most prestigious companies that have entrusted us with their trust.

We offer the most competitive prices in the market;
We have great cooperation with Hotels and restaurants and therefore we can make programs with best prices. And we always provide best prices to our long term partners.

We have exclusive packages;
Our team can always make exclusive packages according to your requests.

Best travel guides - experts;
Оur guides are highly motivated professionals who we have carefully selected and with whom we work in a long term. They always take care of the guests to be satisfied with the trip as well as to capture the story of the places they visit.

Best Transportation services;
We use new, regularly serviced and safe transportation vehicles that offer comfort during the travel.

World Class service;
We offer a world class service that stands out from our competitors.

100 % secure travel;
We are your trusted partner with many years of experience in tourism industry and will make sure everything goes well and troubleshooting any issues that may come up.

Destination: Greece

If you are thinking about a new destination for your next travel, we are here for you with the best reasons for visiting Greece.

To visit Greece is to enjoy an epic tale that goes back at least 5,000 years, where the dividing line  between myth and history become beautifully blurred. The ‘300’ is not just a movie, the Odyssey is not just a book. They are instead milestones on the course of human history and the development of civilization. This story will guide and inspire you as you travel through the islands and the mainland of Greece.

Whether you want to soak up the sun on a quiet beach, explore the remains of an ancient civilization, or enjoy the great outdoors, Greece has something for everyone.

Greece is a country known for its History, lovely people, sun, sea, islands with perfect beaches, tasty and quality products. Whether you are a history buff, or prefer a quiet vacation lounging on the beach, or maybe you are looking for an extreme sport-filled vacation — whatever your pleasure, Greece is sure to please!

As a Mediterranean country Greece is known for its warm weather every time of the year. Winter is not so cold and summer is not too hot. Spring is also a very good period for traveling. And if you love autumn in Greece you can have unforgettable moments.

In Greece, you can find very special monuments of every historical period. You can admire the beauty of them and learn their history. Statues, buildings, churches are only some monuments you can find in Greece. Especially you must visit the cultural riches of Athens (the capital city of Greece) like the famous hill Acropolis where Parthenon’s temple stands, and where the statue of Athena was located. And this is not all, in Greece there are located a number of interesting and well-preserved archaeological sites.

Greece is not just the past. You will also be delighted by its modern culture and arts, to be found in the country’s museums, concert halls and art galleries of the major cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as the thousands of cultural events held all year-round at open-air theaters, castles and squares around the country.

The special beauty of nature in Greece is known all over the world. You can enjoy many beautiful places here in Greece like the rocks of Meteora. Rivers, mountains and lakes that make the mainland of Greece unique.



The Balkans and Europe are waiting for you. Travel with us!

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