Hi, we are Heidelberg Congress. There is something happening. Networking, dialogue, experience. On a new level. Colourful, collaborative, hybrid. And always on for the connected community. Isn’t that cool? Beginning 2023. Finally.
Our philosophy
Digitalization, diversity, new work. When everything is in constant change, we want to be agile and adventurous. To transform traditional event formats with genuinely new ideas. Into hybrid experience platforms, that have not been there before. Physical, virtual, live, on demand, at the unique Heidelberg Congress Center, at home on the app. Everything is touchpoint, everything is experience, 365 days a year. Without outdated conventions and large hierarchies. But open for creativity, spontaneity, and individual mindset. This is how we bring people together, inspire them, thrill them. And retain them on the long run – to brands and their communities. Should we meet?

Our portfolio
Traditional events are no longer sufficient to provide relevant answers to costumers. Therefore, we are taking a broad approach and provide expertise in every significant variant of experience marketing. The most significant of our skills? Their interplay.

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