In October 2016 Liberty International AG and Georgian Hospitality Group concluded a cooperation agreement by forming a new company Liberty International LLC (Georgia).

GHG is a holding consisting of Georgian industry leading companies (leisure, DCM, PCO, MICE) in tourism and hospitality such as Caucasus Travel, Georgian Events, Explore Georgia, CT Auto etc.

Liberty International’s office is located in a historical district of Metheki’s plateau in the center of Tbilisi surrounded by many hotels and historical sights and buildings.

Our office is manned by Charlotte Emborg, Executive Director- a native Dane who have lived and worked in the Caucasus for 16 years though mainly in Tbilisi, Georgia. Charlotte joined the GHG group in 2015 after having worked in a large oil company in top management having been responsible amongst others for conferences, exhibitions, guest and employee logistics and travel. Her back ground is CBS and a UK degree in Events Management and years of experience in the hospitality business.

Nene Samnashvili. Operations Manager has years of experience as a guide and thereby a lot of knowledge about Georgian history, culture and what guests coming to Georgia love to do. She joined Caucasus Travel 5 years ago where she’s up until now have been the sales and product manager for different regions working on leisure, cultural and incentive tours.



- MICE, Premium Leisure, Sports Hospitality, Cruise and Train, Virtual and Hybrid events, Aircraft



Situated at the strategically important crossroads where Europe meets Asia, Georgia has a unique and ancient cultural heritage, and is famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine.

It’s a small country, but offers surprising and fascinating landscapes with the Great Caucasus range rising above a country with 7 climatic zones ranging from subtropical climate on the coast of the Black sea, alpine, semi dessert, steppe and dessert in the Eastern part boarding neighboring Azerbaijan. 25000 rivers ensures Georgia to be extremely fertile and lush greenery is seen everywhere. National protected parks and resorts are plentiful.

Georgia is known as the cradle of wine and the organically grown fruits and vegetables are being delicately presented in the rich cuisine along with other Georgian meat, chicken and fish dishes. A Georgian table is always very rich and both a feast for the eye and the palate.

The country has changed enormously over the past decade transforming into a modern vibrant society where foreign investment and economic reform have driven growth. Tourism, and agriculture, including wine making, is a key factor.
With its mild Mediterranean climate with more than 260 sunny days and high level of security, Georgia has become a popular destination for both tourism and business people.

The capital “Tbilisi” is a blend of cultures, the smell of spices, different ethnic groups meeting on street corners and different faiths share the same courtyards. The old city is picturesque and will conquer any spectators’ heart. Here is numerous of both Georgian and International restaurants, cafes and bars. Modern 5 star hotels, boutique style hotels and high end unique hostels- something for everybody’s travelling style.

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