The key idea behind the creation of the KA Group was to set local hotels on proper position in the market. Working in the tourism sector has shown that the main problem for local hotels is that they have to create a market plan and standards themselves, unlike brand hotels, which require a great deal of effort and knowledge. Many of them do not meet standards, do not know the market and competitors, do not have relevant qualifications, etc.

From the beginning to the present, the success of the company is measured by a team of professionals, each of them with at least five years of experience in the field of tourism, with other areas of focus that make the overall capabilities of the company much more interesting and diverse.

From November 2018 till now we try our best to develop the company itself and its certain products. We work in 4 areas, where we mainly deal with the following key issues: Pre Opening; Sales and marketing; Revenue Management; Managing Hotels. Since 2018 we have been able to combine 13 hotels with different areas of our service.

In 2018 we started positioning ourselves in the market with 228 rooms and in 2020 we are already selling 581 rooms in different regions of the country and in different hotels.

All of them are local brands and we do our best to make Georgia local hotels the most comfortable and pleasant place for visitors.



- Revenue Management:
Revenue management is an extremely important concept within the hospitality industry, because it allows hotel owners to anticipate demand and optimize availability and pricing, in order to achieve the best possible financial results.

- Pre-Opening:
Pre-opening management activities help to launch your property into the market. KA Hotel Management’s sales and marketing experience is a great asset in this endeavor. We can coordinate all grand opening activities, pre-opening sales efforts, pre-opening marketing, and promotion necessary for the successful and strong opening of a property.

- Fully Managing:
KA Management provides centralized management services, our objective is to maximize services and minimize expenses, using a unique approach to monitor performance and providing in-depth reports in all areas of operations, including: Hotel Operations; Strategy of positioning in a market; Sales and Marketing; Food and Beverage; Accounting; Brand Management and Quality Assurance



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