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  1. Une expérience de 23 ans dans le tourisme en Amérique latine
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  7. A network of receptive agencies in five countries (Colombia, Costa Rica , Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela )
  8. A network of partner agencies (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua)
  9. Original handsets between group agencies and partner agencies
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Destination: Ecuador

On latitude 0 º 0 ' ' 0, the equator contains many natural and cultural wonders.

Surnommé le pays aux 4 mondes, sa taille réduite permet d’apprécier la grande diversité de paysages, faune et flore de ses différentes régions : Cordillère des Andes, Amazonie, côte Pacifique, archipel des Galapagos.

De nombreuses aventures resteront gravées dans vos mémoires : parcourir les centres historiques des villes coloniales, grimper d’impressionnants volcans, partager les coutumes de communautés indigènes, descendre des rivières en rafting, nager en compagnie d’otaries et tortues...


The special conditions of the islands make this archipelago an unparalleled paradise in the world, with remarkable fauna and flora and unique experiences to live.

The natural Heritage of mankind and the second largest marine reserve in the world, the Galapagos provides an unprecedented proximity to endemic animals, both on land and under water.

Que ce soit en croisière ou en hôtel, vous réaliserez des activités inoubliables : randonnée, snorkeling, kayak, plongée…

Pacific Coast
The Ecuadorian Pacific coast comprises more than 1000 km of beaches, off which humpback whales can be observed between June and October.

Cette région inclut également les plus hautes mangroves au monde, de larges rizières, des plantations de délicieux fruits exotiques mais aussi et surtout le meilleur cacao au monde !

Fans of Sensations can try, among other things, surfing and paragliding while travellers preferring tranquility will enjoy the paradise beaches.

The Andean cordillera, crossing the country from north to south, is an area where the ancestral culture and traditions of several indigenous communities can be appreciated.

S’y trouve un des volcans actifs les plus hauts au monde : le Cotopaxi (5 897 m), la montagne la plus élevée de la ligne équatoriale : le Cayambe (5 790 m) ainsi que le sommet le plus haut du monde depuis le centre de la terre : le Chimborazo (6 310 m).

A total of 3 cultural heritages of mankind are found in the Ecuadorian Andes: the city of Quito for its largest and best preserved Colonial center in Latin America, the historic centre of Cuenca and the "Qhapaq Ñan" called "Inca Trail".

Hikes, treks, climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, relaxation in thermal waters are just examples of the varied activities that will be offered to you.

The Amazonian rainforest brings together a wide variety of indigenous fauna, flora, ecosystems and communities preserving their own languages and traditions.

This region makes Ecuador one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and is part of the list of megadivers countries on the planet.

You can walk in the forest, go down rivers in rafting or canoe, climb up the towers until you reach the canopy or learn how to develop a typical Amazon drink.


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