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Travel World Safaris is a prominent tour operator specializing in providing exceptional travel experiences in East, Central, and Southern Africa, as well as the Indian Ocean islands. With a strong commitment to service, extensive knowledge of the region, and an unwavering passion for safaris, Travel World Safaris has established itself as one of the leading destination management companies (DMCs) in this area.

As a DMC, Travel World Safaris manages a wide range of products and services for travelers visiting these breathtaking destinations. Their expertise lies in curating seamless and unforgettable holidays, ensuring that their clients have hassle free and memorable experiences throughout their journey. Whether you dream of exploring the magnificent landscapes, encountering wildlife in their natural habitats, or indulging in the rich cultures and traditions of the region, Travel World Safaris has the expertise to make it happen.

Travel World Safaris' specialization in safaris sets them apart. They offer specially designed 4x4 Safari Land Cruises with pop-up roofs, providing an immersive and comfortable experience for their guests. These safaris take travelers on captivating journeys through the stunning landscapes of Kenya, including Lake Nakuru, home to both black and white rhinos, and the vast plains of the Maasai Mara, where herds of animals roam freely. The company ensures that travelers can relax and enjoy the sounds of the bush with evening cocktails on cliffs overlooking Lake Elmenteita.

With a focus on personalized service, Travel World Safaris ensures that each client's preferences and needs are taken into account, tailoring their offerings to create unique and unforgettable itineraries. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service, combined with their extensive knowledge of the region and passion for safaris, makes them a top choice for travelers seeking remarkable experiences in East, Central, and Southern Africa, as well as the Indian Ocean islands.


Travel World Safaris offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to the diverse needs of travelers seeking extraordinary experiences in the African region. With their commitment to service, extensive knowledge, and genuine passion for safaris, Travel World Safaris has established itself as a leading tour operator in this domain.

The services provided by Travel World Safaris encompass various aspects of travel, ensuring that clients have seamless and hassle-free holidays. Some of the key services offered include:
1. Safari Tours: Travel World Safaris specializes in crafting exceptional safari experiences. They design and organize safari tours that take travelers through stunning landscapes and wildlife-rich areas across East, Central, and Southern Africa. From the vast plains of the Maasai Mara to the remarkable Okavango Delta in Botswana, their safari tours offer unique opportunities to encounter diverse wildlife.
2. Accommodation Arrangements: To ensure utmost comfort and convenience, Travel World Safaris takes care of accommodation arrangements for their clients. They have partnerships with a wide range of lodges, camps, and resorts in the region, offering options that suit various preferences and budgets. Whether it's luxury lodges, tented camps, or eco-friendly accommodations, they strive to provide the best lodging experience for their clients.
3. Transportation and Logistics: Travel World Safaris handles transportation and logistics throughout the journey. They arrange airport transfers, domestic flights, ground transportation, and any necessary transfers between destinations. This ensures smooth and efficient travel arrangements, allowing clients to focus on enjoying their safari experience.
4. Expert Guides: Recognizing the importance of knowledgeable and experienced guides, Travel World Safaris provides highly trained and professional guides who accompany travelers during their safari adventures. These guides possess in-depth knowledge of the local flora and fauna, as well as the cultural heritage of the regions visited. They enhance the safari experience by sharing their expertise and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the travelers.
5. Tailored Itineraries: Travel World Safaris understands that each traveler has unique preferences and requirements. Therefore, they offer personalized itineraries that can be customized according to individual interests, preferred travel dates, and group sizes. Their team works closely with clients to create bespoke safari experiences that align with their specific needs and desires.
6. Private Travel/Charter Flights: Travel World Safaris under Cardinal Charter specializes in curating personalized travel experiences for individuals and groups. Whether you're seeking a luxurious getaway or a unique adventure, they design tailor-made itineraries to suit your preferences and ensure an exclusive and memorable journey.
7. Business Travel: We also cater to corporate clients, offering customized travel solutions for business trips, conferences, and incentive travel. Their services include arranging accommodations, transportation, meeting venues, and organizing unique experiences to enhance productivity and provide a seamless travel experience for professionals.

Additional Services: In addition to safari tours, Travel World Safaris may also offer additional services such as cultural tours, adventure activities, and special interest excursions. These may include visits to local communities, nature walks, bird watching, hot air balloon safaris, and more, enriching the overall travel experience.

By offering a wide range of services and maintaining a strong commitment to service excellence, Travel World Safaris ensures that their clients have memorable and unforgettable journeys through the captivating landscapes and wildlife of Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.


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