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The Ministry of Tourism is the body of the Central Administration of the State in charge of proposing and, once approved, directing and controlling the application of the policies of the State and the Government in the matter of tourism.


1. Propose to the State and the Government tourism policies and medium and long-term development plans and, once approved, direct and control them;

2. exercise the guiding methodological function on the activities of: tourist accommodation; travel agency; marine and tourist nautical; golf tourism product, real estate linked to tourism, nature tourism, other forms of specialized tourism, tourist transport, tourist entertainment; marketing and promotion of tourism, registration of tourist accommodation establishments; classification of tourist accommodation establishments and tourism restaurants. The function of accommodation in the business system of the local bodies of People's Power is carried out through the Ministry of Internal Trade, which reconciles the general rules and regulations with the Ministry of Tourism;

3. Evaluate, propose and control the declaration of zones of high significance for tourism, of territories of preferential tourist use and of zones for real estate development associated with tourism;

4. promote, attract and develop economically beneficial events for the country and advise the agencies of the Central Administration of the State, national entities, bodies of People's Power and organizations, in matters of international and national events;

5. prepare, evaluate and control the proper compliance with quality standards and parameters in tourism, according to the classification and category of the facilities;

6. Prepare and keep up to date the bases for the design and construction of tourist facilities, in conjunction with the corresponding national agencies and entities;

7. dictate, approve and control investment programs and projects for hotel facilities, non-hotel facilities and tourist developments;

8. Approve and control hotel and non-hotel management and marketing contracts;

9. Promote and control the creation of tourist security, information and assistance systems;

10. promote and evaluate the development and expansion of non-state tourism in lodging, gastronomy and other services, such as tourist offer, control the policies in matters of its competence;

11. act as a consultative body for the investments, repairs and remodeling that are proposed in the tourist poles; to third-party facilities, in territories of preferential tourist use, in areas of high significance for tourism and other regions that are established; the development of specialized tourist activities, such as tourism and health, theme parks, cruises, history, culture and heritage, sports tourism; the development of aeronautics in the country; and the development of main activities with an impact on tourism, such as transportation, communications and infrastructure; and

12. establish and control the policy on the activities of:

a) logistics management of supplies in tourism;
b) maintenance in tourism; and
c) hiring of labor force in the interest of tourist activities with commercial companies formed by joint ventures.

Work Objectives

1.- Conclude the process of preparing the governing documents that allow the exercise of the specific functions to be implemented.

2.- Ensure and guarantee compliance with the strategic projection for the implementation of the policy guidelines for tourism approved at the VII Congress of the PCC.


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