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QUIMBAYA – The name of an ancient pre-Colombian civilization, noted for their gold work characterized by technical accuracy and detailed designs.

The culture’s the most emblematic piece comes from this period, a form of poporo known as the Poporo Quimbaya, on exhibit at the Bogotá Gold Museum.

In 1987, Claudia Terrade founded Quimbaya Tours in Bogotá, Colombia to introduce her home country as a new destination to French travelers. She named it QUIMBAYA, to follow the dedication of this ancient civilization and to give an efficient, experienced and reliable team.

Later in 1988, Jean Terrade joined Claudia’s passion for her country and for a continent creating a new corporate label, Quimbaya Latin America. QUIMBAYA since then has grown and blossomed attracting more travel agents from around the world to 11 destinations in Latin America.


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Destination: Brazil

Rio is considered one of the most ideally suited cities for bike rides. The city offers to amateurs bike lanes along the beaches from Leme to Leblon (approximately 12 km) around the famous lagoon to Aterro gardens. A sporting manner to discover the emblematic sites of the city and available to all.

Museums and mansions surrounded by gardens can be privatized for gala dinners for MICE groups. Let’s mention Moreira Sales Foundation at the foot of Tijuca with its lounges and gardens designed by the famous landscaper Burle Marx.

For the history and nature buffs alike, the Rio region offers exceptional getaways only a few hours from the city.

Petropolis and the “fazendas” of coffee – it is the 19th Brazilian century displayed through the historical centre of Petropolis, the resort city of the imperial family and the surprising mansions of the “Lords of Coffee” in the Vassouras region.

Parati and Ilha Grande – the colonial Brazil remains lively in the Parati village including the urban plan, dwellings and churches provide an accurate insight of the 17th and 18th centuries architecture. Facing the village a dazzling bay where Ilha Grande shines, privileged place for hikes to watch wildlife and flora.

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