Holiday Bosnia is an award-winning destination management company and tour operator that offers unique trips to Bosnia- Herzegovina and the Balkans region. We are based in Sarajevo, with offices in London and Dubai and we bring together an experienced, international team to give our guests the best quality and best value packages – no matter if you are an individual traveler or a large group.

We offer all types of programmes including history and cultural tours, nature experiences, education trips, adventure activities, corporate trips, sports tours, charity work and more.

We believe that the sophisticated, educated and socially aware traveler of today wants a more meaningful holiday experience rather than just being a tourist who is ‘passing through’ a country. For this reason, our programmes are curated to meet the individual needs of every guest we host. No two tours we offer are the same.



We have been working in Bosnia Herzegovina for over 25 years and have a detailed knowledge of the country, along with an excellent network of local partners. We can draw upon our extensive international experience and team of local experts to ensure that you will have the best time.



- Tour Packages (Ski trips, Biking trips, Hiking and Trekking trips, Rafting trips), Tailor made holidays, Accommodation, Transport




Bosnia is a land of great beauty-one of the last unspoilt wildernesses in Europe. This fact alone is reason enough to visit the country. Come here to get away from it all and just relax. The stunning mountain landscapes, forests, rivers and lakes will be a welcome escape !

From Bosnia’s many rivers and fertile land comes its wonderful food. Everything is natural and organic. After tasting the local meat, fruits, cheeses and honey, you will understand the difference.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

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