Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a Western-run and Indonesia-based adventure travel agency, which was set up in 1999. While we specialize in trekking and volcano climbing tours, we have broadened our range of products to allow all nature and culture lovers to get off the beaten tracks and discover an authentic and multicultural Indonesia. Whether you travel solo, on a tailor-made tour or within a small group of travelers, come and explore Indonesia with us!

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a founding member of Nomadays, an international network of local travel agencies. Enjoy you trip fully together with Indonesia-based travel specialists!

Your trip to Indonesia!

The nicest travel experiences to make your Indonesian adventure unforgettable!

Hike or trek to the highest and most impressive active volcanoes in Indonesia.

Meet a thousand ethnic groups of the Indonesian archipelago, and share exceptional moments by staying with the locals.

Explore the hidden cultural treasures of the Sunda Islands, such as the Sumba horsemen's festival : the Pasola.

Explore the jungles of Indonesia where you can observe rare and endangered animal species (such as orangutans) in their natural habitat.

Get away from mass tourism and explore Bali island off the beaten track on hikes and other exceptional expeditions.

Relax on the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the world during our seaside holidays.



* Professionalism - high standards of commitment and service. Our guides are trained of the western trekking techniques

* Safety - collaborating with the most trained and experienced local guides who master the western Red Cross standards in First Aid

* Respect for Nature - we respect every site we visit. It is our moral and social duty to educate people to not transform Indonesian environment into a trashcan

Other Services:

* Longer tours (24-30 days)
* Luxury & Zen cruises in Komodo & Raja Ampat.
* 1-day cultural tours
* 1-day volcano tours
* 1-day tours with an Expat
* Family tours (see also our special website in French :
* Mt Carstensz & Transborneo Expeditions
* Tiger Tracking tours in Sumatra
* Adventure Tours in Indonesian Papua
* Survival Tours
* Tour extensions



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