Japan Insights from Miki Travel: Fukushima Prefecture

Miki Travel’s partnership with Fukushima prefecture has been renewed for the next year, and they are extremely honored to continue representing this beautiful region and its countless charms!


Fukushima is the third largest prefecture in Japan and the southern gate to the Tohoku region, the sparsely populated, wild and largely unexplored northeast.


Being one of the least-trodden by mass tourism, Fukushima prefecture is the perfect place to savour a still untarnished, genuine Japan, just like it used to be before the increased media exposure of the last two decades.


In Fukushima, tourism is still mainly a domestic affair even if the hospitality industry is ready and well prepared to welcome visitors from abroad. More importantly, perhaps, tourism in Fukushima is still very sustainable and does not interfere with the authenticity of the places.


Fukushima is very well connected to Tokyo and other major cities, and has plenty to offer for travelers of all types.


It is a mecca for nature lovers thanks to its stunning mountains, lakes and wildlife. It is an unmissable destination for those who like samurai culture and history. Active tourists will find plenty of opportunities for cycling, trekking, canoeing and skiing. Wellness lovers can relax in one of the 130 hot springs, and the foodies can explore the local food culture.


Great news! Fukushima Prefecture Tourism has launched a subsidy campaign aimed at revitalizing local communities by increasing the number of foreign visitors. Travel agencies and land operators who create package tours including overnight stays in Fukushima will be granted financial aid (within the limits of the prefectural budget).


In the coming months, Miki Travel will be on a mission to uncover and bring us even more hidden gems in Fukushima. The team will show us the fantastic range of sights and experiences this region can offer.


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Author: Deb Davad



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